The 99 Bucket List Items

99 bucket list item

“All Dreams come true, if you have the courage to pursue them. “

Why 99 Bucket list items? Because 99 is one under a Hundred and if we are not sure about the 99 we can just create another 99 item list, and have two lists under 100. Does that make sense?

A list of Goals, a Bucket List, we all have in our head, however it does help writing down these Goals. It does not matter if they are Career, Travel or Family related. Having them in one place will give you a better overview, of everything that you want to accomplish.

The First time I had really heard of a Bucket List was, when “A Walk to Remember” came out and Shane completed her list, before she sadly passed away. However I though it was amazingly cute. The one thing I got from this was, two be in TWO places at once, since that point I have learned that its possible to be in three and four places at once. So of course I added this.

According to the Websters Dictionary this is the following definition of a Bucket List;

  1. a list of things one has not done, but wants to before dying.
    This is a repost of an earlier post, into a page, an easier and faster way to keep track. get inspired and more your own goals to accomplish in life. Think of things that are possible, as well as things that you may have to work for a little.

As I have had my Bucket List for a while, some of the items have already been crossed off. Before this update the list contained a few less items, but I realized once I sat down that I really did have a lot more goals, things to add to my list and without a problem was able to complete the 99 items.

99 Bucket List Items, here goes nothing:

    1. 99items_machupicchu
    2. Get the Stamp “End of the World” in my Passport
    3. See the Salyar de Uyuni at Sunrise (or Sunset)(August 28, 2015, I saw the Salyar de Uyuni with my own eyes.)
    4. Bungee Jump in New Zealand (I jumped of the Kawarau Bridge on May 29, 2015)
    5. Get a Skydiving License
    6. Join a Dragon Boat Race team for at least a season
    7. Learn how to Snowboard
    8. Work/ Volunteer on a Coffee Plantation
    9. Be in TWO, THREE and FOUR different places at once
    10. Work/ Volunteer on a Cocao Plantation
    11. Travel through South America (although I only visited 8 of the 12 Countries, this item is crossed of for now. From July 10, 2015 – October 2, 2015)
    12. 99items_penguins (Who would have thought New Zealand had Penguins?)
    13. Trek through the Patagonia Alps
    14. Go on a Safari in Africa
    15. 99itmes_canada
    16. Visit all 13 Provinces of Canada ( This I said I had originally completed on December 14, 2009, however I missed Newfoundland – so then on Septer 23, 2013 I stepped foot on the Last Province)
    17. Go Sightseeing in San Francisco
    18. Take a Gondola Ride in Venice – (On March 15, 2015 I went on a two minute Gondola Ride.)
    19. Set Foot on all 7 Continents
    20. Take the Trans Sibiran Train (the Original Track)
    21. Take Part in a Color Run
    22. Run a Marathon
    23. Run a Triathalon
    24. Go to Disneyland or World –  (Disneyland Paris On September 25, 2016)
    25. Learn to speak Spanish (Part way there, I understand, I am not fluent, but I can get by. Does that count?)
    26. Drink an Original Pisco Sour (Peru is the Original Country to drink Pisco Sour, throughout Bolivia and Peru, I drank plently of these. So Yummy!)
    27. Shower in a Waterfall
    28. Drive across America from coast to coast – Route 66
    29. Watch the Sunset in Santorini, Greece
    30. Visit Cornwall (as seen in the Rosemunde Pilcher Films) (went on a two Week road trip in June 2014)
    31. 99items_whiskey
    32. Stargaze at the Atacama Desert in Chile (Although it was sadly almost Full Moon during my stay, the sky was absolutely remarkable, so clear and clean.
    33. See the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)
    34. See the Southern Lights
    35. Bathe in the Blue Lagoon (Iceland)
    36. Go see the Pyramids in Egypt
    37. Walk on the Great Wall of China
    38. Stay in an Overwater Bungalow in Bora Bora
    39. Live in a Treehouse for a least a week
    40. Own a Cottage on the Water as a Residence
    41. 99items_sunrise(How I did that check it out, the First Sunrise of 2015!)
    42. Get close and upfront with Mount Everest, and hike to Everest Base Camp
    43. See the Eifeltower at Night (When I was in Paris 2008, from the Hotel Room the Eifeltower was perfectly visible.
    44. Go to San Marino
    45. Take a Roadtrip through Ireland
    46. See a Polar Bear Live
    47. Travel by Cargo Ship
    48. See the Stonehedges in England (June 2014 – somehow they where not as impressive as I would have thought)
    49. 99itmes_nyc
    50. Visit the Grand Canyon
    51. See a Kangaroo in the Wild (WWH Visa in Australia 2009-2010, I don’t remember when I saw the first but i saw plenty of them.)
    52. Skydiving in Australia (completeted on December 14, 2009 Missson Beach over the Great Barrier Reef)
    53. Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef(On my WHV 2009-10 – The Whitsundays are a part of the Great Barrier Reef, I spend a week. Best thing was I even saw a Turtle.)
    54. Ride in a Hot Air Ballon
    55. Go Swimming in the Black Sea
    56. Walking Across Abbey Street in London
    57. Visit Baldwin Street in Dunedin, New Zealand (On a small southern New Zealand Roadtrip, I saw this street and was it ever steep. June 2, 2015)
    58. Give the Statue of Giza a High Five
    59. Participate in a Car Rally
    60. Pick a Kiwi Fruit
    61. Fly in a Helicopter (The one time I landed on a GlacierI had to get there somehow, the means of Transportation was a Helicopter, May 23, 2015)
    62. Ride a Camel
    63. Hike to Nepal Everest Base Camp
    64. Climb the Stairway to Heaven (Oahu Hawaii)
    65. Havasupai, Arizona USA
    66. Largo Villarria (Lake District, Chile)
    67. Stand on top of Table Mountain
    68. Visit the Kromlau Devis Bridge, Germany
    69. See the Tequendama Falls in Cundinamara
    70. See the El Pailon del Diablo, Baños Ecuador
    71. Work on a Train
    72. See the Amafi Coast, Italy
    73. Visit the Seychellen Islands
    74. Hike through the West Highlands of Scotland
    75. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
    76. Trek the Takesi Trail, Bolivia
    77. Trek to the Fitz Roy, El Chalten, Argentina
    78. Bike the Death Road in Bolivia
    79. Go Paragliding(Paragliding over Kitzbühel on April 30, 2017)
    80. Take a Pasta Making course in Italy
    81. Go to Timbuktu (and revist Childhood memories)
    82. Stay a night in an Ice Hotel
    83. Sleep in an Igloo
    84. Visit India during the Holi Festival
    85. Own a Beetle (VW)
    86. Take a Europe Trip with my Beetle
    87. Stand on the Equator
    88. Visit the Acropolis in Greece
    89. Ride a Mechanical Bull
    90. Write and Publish a Book
    91. Visit Petra, Jordan
    92. Visit every Country in the World, currently on Country 88.
    93. Visit the Iguazu Falls, Argentina and Brazil Side (I visited both sides of the Iguazu Waterfalls respectively on July 26/27 2015)
    94. Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans and visit the famous Graveyard
    95. Swing from a Rope into a Lake (as an Adult)
    96. Camp on the Beach (again)
    97. Kiss in the Rain
    98. Visit the Neuschwarnstein Castle
    99. Eat Sushi in Japan

The Post- ADD – on Bucketlist

99 Bucketlist items are not enough, so this is a list of all Bucketlist items that should be on the Bucketlist, never made it before. WHY? There are so many wonderful places on earth, and some of the you just discover aferwards.

  1. Stand on a Glacier – (Standing on the Tasman Glacier, such an amazing experience)
  2. Take a Ride on Willi in Budapest (Do you know what I am talking about?)
  3. Stay in an Old Victorian House

There are often Memories we create and share through Food. Sometimes we want to be transported into a place far away. Will this Recipe List ever reach, 99 Bucketlist items?

Here are some Recipes from all over the World that do exactly that:

As this is an on going list, there will always be changes add-on, because really this is a Life list. Sometimes you just meet that one person, who will tell you about things you have not heard of before. That is just so cool that you got to try and make it work.

Do you have a Bucketlist item, where you believe it need to be added to the 99 Bucketlist item list? Let me know!

**Photocredit: World Map goes to strawbvrry @tumbler.

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