Photography Salad you say? What?

Do you want to take a Virtual Tour around the World?
Be inspired by Photography for your next travel, get tips or just to Dream from your Couch.
If you have made a metal check at one or two of the above then you have come to the right place.

Inkastour.com is a Photography Salad around the World, with ONE repetitive Subject you will see over and over again. Garbage Cans. WHAT? This is no joke, some might cut them out, some hate them for having the most beautiful views. Inkastour is all about placing these into Focus. While you of course will see the popular tourist spots, beautiful views and everything in between those Garbage Cans will sneak into just about every post. Learn more about this crazy adventure here, here and here.

Well I am glad you are still here (and reading this) because that must mean you want to know more. What perked your interest? Within the first couple of minutes we determine if we like someone or not. So this mean’s BINGO for me.

I know how it is, one of the first Pages that gets clicked is the About Page, if there is just a spark of interest. It’s natural it’s Human. And who does not want to build a virtual connection.

You know what connect with me … I want to get to know you as well.

I am Inka (yes that is really my name), a Backpacker at heart, a traveler with a semi – permanent home of the in between. I am NOT a Nomad or a Digital Nomad but just a Girl traveling and working around the World. In the past 8 years I have worked in Germany, Canada, Austria, Norway, Australia, New Zealand and a Cruise Ship while traveling the World. Over this time I have only visited 88 Countries, and hope to one day say I have travelled to all 192 “Official” Countries.

I am just an average girl (woman) with a a serious case of the travel-bug illness, with a love for PHOTOGRAPHY and capturing the small but significant things in life. I try to find a balance between the typical tourist imagines and some unique views. Give you tips and tricks and share some travel experiences.

By day I work as a Barkeeper / Barista, by Night I dream of the next Destination. Problem is I find it hard to just pick that one, because there are enough travel routes in my head for the next three years without stopping.

Totally Normal, eh? (Yes I am allowed to use eh!, after all I grew up in Canada)
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