Photo of the Day : September 9, 2017

Photo of the Day :
Photo Caption: OMG! The Cookie Monster escaped. After a 90 minute Flight delay for Lisbon this morning you would think that this is the only obstacle to the destination. But you are thinking wrong my friends. A canceled Train, waiting for alternative transport 1.5 hours, another canceled train 🚂, finally an S-Bahn, missing the connection by 5 minutes. but you know it’s fine, would not have meet a great group of girls shared frustration, laughs and giggles for a total of 4 hours and only reading the desired location 6 hours later than planned. Now off on the last train. Thank god the Cookie Monster Donut 🍩 from Bremen kept me happy in sane and happy! #bremencity #cookiemonster #doughnut #traveldelays #coconuts

Photo taken at: Bremen Hauptbahnhof