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  • Tongariro Crossing : New Zealand Best Day Hike

  • You are asking why the Tongariro Crossing is one of the Best Day Hikes in New Zealand? Well let me tell you: The Tongariro Crossing in one of nine New Zealand's Great Walks. "The New Zealand Great Walks are a set of popular tramping (Hiking) tracks ... through areas of some of the best scenery[...]
  • Hiking to the Sinterbacher Waterfall near Kitzbühel

  • Sometimes the best hikes are just around the corner of our Home, like the Sinterbacher Waterfall. The Question to consider first is; What is Home? The Dictionary says: a house, apartment, or other shelter that is the usual residence of a person, family, or household. / the place or region whe[...]
10 Reason to Hike the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu
  • 10 Reason to Hike the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu

  • Are you one of those people like me who have always dreamed about hiking to Machu Picchu? Well here is you change, without having to book Month in Advance. A couple of Days in truly enough!! The Salkantay Trek is an amazing alternative Trek to reach Machu Picchu, leading you through a variety of La[...]
  • A Autumn Adventure in Wanaka, New Zealand

  • Sitting on top of a Mountain, or should I rather say hill looking over autumn in Wanaka, where all the leaves are coloured in golden yellow and orange hues, makes my heart skip....not a bad place is you ask me, to get some thoughts down on Paper. Well the digital Paper anyways.Its great how the wo[...]
5 things to to in Banff, Alberta, Canada
  • 5 things to to in Banff, Alberta, Canada

  • Destinations, all over the World. - this time 5 things to do in Banff, Alberta Canada In my years of traveling. I believe I have been around the world a few times, if I would count the Kilometers. There have been some Destinations that have just stuck out like Glue over the years. Some that are s[...]
  • 8 things to do in Mount Cook National Park

  • Mount Cook National Park has a lot of offer, not only is it home to New Zealand highest Mountain but has a total of 700km mˆ2, there is a lot of exploring that can be done. Only about 40% of that area being a Glacier, is a little hard to explore. Now most of us, will never be able to explore every[...]
  • Mueller Hut Hike in 42 Photographs

  • I believe a story can best be told from Photographs. No matter how hard you try to explain something, it will never have the same feel. The reason for the Mueller Hut Photographs and 42 of them to be exact. This is especially the case when it's unique and special until they have seen it for themself[...]
  • The Hike to Mueller Hut

  • Mueller Hut is one of those Must Do New Zealand things. I found this to be one of the most challening and hardest Hikes I have done in this small Country.  It was even worth than Avalache Peak, in Arthus Pass. Somehow it was also one of the most rewarding hikes I have done. A complete sence of ac[...]
  • 5 hikes and things to do in Arthurs Pass

  •  When I first arrived in Arthurs Pass I was already flashed from/the drive there such pure beauty. New Zealand really is a Playground of complete Nature. Sometimes when we plan things we dont realize how small villiages are, what little population there is and what there really is to do, because [...]
  • Hiking the Avalanche Peak in Arthurs Pass, New Zealand

  • Hearing the term "Avalanche Peak" should have scared me off but it didn't, infact I though nothing off it. . At the i-Site it was displayed as one of the many Day Walks - or should I say tramping trails? Having planned on being in Arthurs pass for four Days, and there was nothing else do to exce[...]
  • Hooker Valley Track in Mount Cook / Aoraki National Park

  • No this is not where Hookers live, or will you find any! It is however one of the easiest, most spectacular and popular walks in the Mount Cook National Park, maybe even one of the best Walks in all of New Zealand. Welcome to the Hooker Valley Track! Sometimes I don't know if all of the is qu[...]