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  • Nothing is the way it seams - French Fries with a twist !

  • Sometimes there just gotta be a little fun in the Kitchen. Not saying that Baking is joyful enough, it's most defiantly the other way around. I find it relaxing and enjoy it very much. However sometimes we have images in our head when we see foods, what they should taste like, but do they really[...]
  • Plum Gingerbread Cinnamom Muffins

  • ~ Image your biting into a Chocolate Covered Gingerbread with a a fruity note, then you got this amazing mouthwatering taste of these Plum - Cinnamon - Muffins ~ ~ Träume von Lebkuchen und Schokolade, im Einklang miteinander, dazu eine Fruchtige Note, dann hast du den Geschmack in deinem Mund die[...]