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Do you Remember exactly where you where in January? What you did in March? Your Answer is probably not. Some Photographs we take ages to Perfect, waiting for that Perfect Shot, while others are captured in the spur of a Moment. Each one of these Categories create a piece of Art and a Memory. It’s time for a Photography Reflection of the first half of the year.

The Photoparade from Michael at Erkunde die Welt is a great way to reflect on the past Half Year. And take the time to Reflect.

After sorting the Photographs from a recent Trips into Folders, we often tend to forget about them. This Photoparade is a great opportunity to think about everything you have seen, been or done the past few Month. I am sure you will be surprised. I know I was this time around. I would have never realized that a Half Year can be so diverse, and that I actually saw so much in a “short” period of time. I thought I had been to way less places than I have in the end.

It called Reflection time, and value the things we have already done, rather that just look at the list of things we have NOT done.

You know when you look at a Photograph and you can recall a specific memory, a feeling, possibly even the smell. Exactly those factors make the review of your own Personal Photographs so special. It’s like slipping back into time from just a short moment. Of course like last time, 6 Month Ago, I could also not just decide on one Photograph per Category. So once again I am breaking this rule and am contributing three Photographs per Category. I am sure I am forgiven, it is just so hard to choose.

Photography Reflection : COLORFUL

Color can be defined in many Factors, one totally colourful Image or an Element that sticks out to make an Image Colourful.

Inkas Tour Photography Reflection

On a short trip to Dierhagen, Germany (along the Baltic Sea), a typical Photograph. However I love the contrast in this Photograph, between the calming Blue and Beige, the fiery Red truly stand out.

Inkas Tour Photograph Reflection

After a Long Winter when the World comes back to life, the Green tones that we are able to appreciate sometimes seam unreal. Just before the Field turned into Canola Yellow, this green Dominates.

Inkas Tour Photography Reflection

Nature has so many small thing that we forget to Appreciate. Like the Stones in the front of the Cliffs of "Hohe Düne", only show there true colours once the Water touches them.

Photography Reflection : BLACK AND WHITE

My personal Favourite time for Black and White Photography is Winter. I find the contrast between the Black and the White truly come to life this time of year.

Inkas Tour Photography Reflection

Winter is the best time to capture Black and White Photography. When the world already seems to be in a Deep sleep the Contrast between the Colors, become more dominant. Take a look just outside of your House maybe, just maybe there is also a cabin like this just waiting. Captured in Jochberg (near Kitzbühel) Austria.

Inkas Tour Photography Reflection

When the River Bank are covered in snow, the Water not ready to freeze, and the trees standing proud on the sides to protect, then Nature is in sync in Winter. Another shot, of the White Domination, the Jochberger Ache.

Inkas Tour Photography Reflection

What would Kitzbühel be without the Hannenkamm? Probably just another ski area without a World Cup Race. Captured on top of the Mountain, where skies have already left their Marks in the Snow.

Photography Reflection : ANIMALS

Three different Countries, three Different Animals. Would you know what Country it is without Reading?

Inkas Tour Photograph Reflection

Country #1: ITALY, on the shores of Venice of course Doves can not be missing like any major city. On this "grey" day, they are just chilling about.

Inkas Tour Photograph Reflection

Country #2:GERMANY, ocean without out gulls? Probably not. Hear a Fisherman is cleaning out his Catch and of course the Gulls are going crazy.

Inkas Tour Photography Reflection

Country #3: AUSTRIA, cows are almost like a national symbol. And my aren't this little once just cute?

Photography Reflection : LIGHT

Light comes in different forms and sometimes we probably take it for granted, other times it will never be the same as the last time.

Inkas Tour Photography Reflection

A Rainbow, it is play between Rain and Sun. But is it is a Reflection of Light. Not often can you see a full Rainbow, especially not in your own Backyard (or of your Moms)

Inkas Tour Photography Reflection

Electricity gives us the Luxury to see things in a Different light. The Plaza San Marco in Venice is one hundred times more beautiful when it is illuminated at light and the Day tourists are all gone.

Inkas Tour Photography Reflection

Venice was a paradise to capture light. One this cloudy day when the Sun was trying to break though the, reflection in the water and the highlighting of the Clouds gave this unique light.

Photography Reflection : TRANSPORTATION

Transportation can come on many forms: with the start of Summer the prefect way is by Boat.

Inkas Tour Photography Reflection

Come Spring time the Boats are being let out again, and the Transportation for the Summer is about to being.

Inkas Tour Photography Reflection

The Typical Venetian Gondola. Today it is more of a Tourist Attraction but once upon a time they had much more of a use along the Canals of Venice.

Inkas Tour Photography reflection

The Gondola in action. The Movement is almost extreme, somehow it is amazing that with this build it is so flexible and stable in Water.

Photography Reflection : NATURE

Natures wonders is something that we can not understand. It is so diverse and is an element of surprise each and every time.

Inkas Tour Photography Reflection

The Ghost Forest near Nienhagen in Germany, is a fabulous place to explore deep into the Forest.

Inkas Tour Photography Reflection

A little Creek in the Ghost Forest in Germany. I feel like any moment some elves could jump out and say hello. Kinda a Magical Feel.

Inkas Tour Photography Reflection

First though when you see this is probably Ireland or Cornwall however this is actually in Germany. A small stretch know as "Hohe Düne" (translated to: High Dune) along the Baltic See, gives the impression of being so far away yet so close.

Photograph Reflection: FAVOURITES- “Pre Summer Moments”

That moment that makes a Moment special, each Photograph tells a story. Sometimes the real story behind something is not as exiting as a story we would make up in our head.

Inkas Tour Photograpyh Reflection

Pondering what Life will bring us, enjoying the Sunset. It is the small things in life that make it special. On the last day before I left my Moms house once again, we went to watch the Sunset. It may not be the Caribbean but somehow it almost feels like it with the Beach Boy look my Brother is showing here. I feel like this could have been the Camping Spot for the evening, if traveling around in this Van.

Inkas Tour Photography Reflection

There is nothing more Magical than a Perfect Sunset. Being along the Ocean there is almost a Picture Perfect Photograph and Moment. Along the Baltic See on Germany.

Inkas Tour Photography Reflection

Late Spring Reflections of the Mid Afternoon Reflection in the Ghost Forest of Germany. Water, Trees and Light is just pure Love.

So have you participated? If you want to you still have the chance until 19.07.2016.

Reflect, Appreciate and Create. A Perfect Harmony and a Perfect time.


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  1. by Michael on July 6, 2016  5:55 PM Reply

    Love your pictures! Really happy to have you taking part on my Photoparade! I think you are the first not German based blog taking part this round. I would be more than happy to see some other great blogs following yours!

    Thanks so much for taking part! Have a great day!

    • by Inka on July 8, 2016  12:35 AM Reply

      Thank you so much for the compliment.
      I really your Blogparade, so thank you for hosting it again.
      xo Inka

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