Springtime in the Garden : enjoy the small moments

Springtime in the Garden is the magical time when everything comes back alive.

The days are getting longer, we generally have more sunshine and the mood in the air becomes alive and plays a happy melody. The Birds are singing making us want to get up in the Mornings. But not only do we as Humans feel a change.

So is the NATURE, it is coming back alive. It’s finally Springtime in the Garden.

It fascinates me that it is almost possible to watch the plants flowers and trees grow. One day a tree can have no Blossoms the next it will be covered in it. It enjoying and appreciating those small things in life, a moment where we don’t have to travel far to enjoy. Because it is right out of your House. Don’t take these moments for granted, because next year it will be different again.

The only way to capture this is a Photography Walk though Spring

In this case a Walk through a Garden.

On a recent Holiday at my Moms house I was able to view this change over a two week period. Every Morning (after my Morning Coffee or sometimes in between) I would walk a circle around the garden, taking pictures, viewing and appreciating all those small changes that happened from one day to the next, it was magical the small and valuable Springtime in the Garden.

What made this whole process even more special where two things, I was able to show my Mom the changes in her own garden, as she had a foot injury at the time and was not so mobile. But also to gave her see her own garden in a different Light, out of a different perspective. To not only see the big picture but to pay attention to the small details. Quite frankly she was a little impressed and stunned; and said “ These could be images out of the Landlust, maybe my garden is not so bad after all”.

Every Country has them, those Garden Magazines, where there are beautiful Gardens, beautiful Images designed to Perfection. That always have the Country Garden Theme going on. But have you noticed that they only ever publish sections, and never the full garden? Have you noticed that they are always shot at a certain angle? Well in Germany these are called Landlust or Landliebe, among others. Please don’t get me wrong I love them myself for inspiration, but it is also nice to be able to produce such “detail” orientated images. And see these small details in your own garden (or in this case my Mom’s).

Springtime in the Garden
This is a contribution to the Blogparade; by Kathi from keinsteins-kiste.ch with the Topic: „Augen auf! – Wo mich die Natur zum Staunen bringt“ (Translated this means: „Eyes Open! – Where Nature amazes me!“) - What could be more fitting than Spring Time?
But why don’t you take a look yourself and be sure to leave a comment, on what your thoughts are.

Have you been able to enjoy these small moments during Springtime in the Garden?

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  1. by mark and kate on July 17, 2016  5:29 PM Reply

    I love spring when everything is so vibrant and flowers are in bloom. It is my favorite season followed by winter. This idea of yours to capture the minute changes that happen in your Mom's garden everyday is wonderful. All of the photos have perfectly captured spring and they are so full of colors.

    • by Inka on July 17, 2016  11:30 PM Reply

      I am glad someone appreciates my love for spring! My second favors season is Autumn, I guess I love my colors.

  2. by Jen Morrow on July 15, 2016  4:24 PM Reply

    Beautiful flowers! I have no skill at growing a garden, but they sure are pretty to look at.

    • by Inka on July 17, 2016  8:12 PM Reply

      I do have to give my Mom and Nature credit for the growth of these flowers. But they sure are pretty.

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