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  • December 14 - Philippines The longest Christmas Season

  • December 14  Today Ladies and Gents we are traveling all the way to the Philippines today. Yes, the Philippines. I am really excited to have Noel here today to share a tradition that I think not a lot of people know about. Are you a Chrismas Freak? Like do you LOVE Christmas? Then after today, y[...]
  • Easy Traditional Mince Pies - December 12

  • December 12 On the 12th Day of Christmas, my true love sent to me a whole Plate of Traditonal Mince Pies. That is something I think today's Author would say about this truly British Christmas Tradition. No where else had I encountered Mince Pies before except in Britain. There are available store[...]
  • Christmas in Egypt and Kahk Cookies - December 11

  • December 11 Did you have a good Snow Day everyone? If you are situated in Europe you will probably have been lucky and a little snow came your way. BUT today we are not staying in Europe and I am not sure if this country even gets snow. We are traveling to Egpyt ...  YES they celebrate Christmas [...]
  • A Middle Ages Christmas Market in Germany - December 6th

  • December 6th " Have you ever wanted to travel back into time, maybe even around Christmas Time? By visiting the Middle Ages Christmas Market, you can do exactly that. Let yourself be transported into another century for a night, and live the unexpected." Today on the 6th Day, we are travelli[...]