A Middle Ages Christmas Market in Germany – December 6th


December 6th

” Have you ever wanted to travel back into time, maybe even around Christmas Time? By visiting the Middle Ages Christmas Market, you can do exactly that. Let yourself be transported into another century for a night, and live the unexpected.”

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Today on the 6th Day, we are travelling to Germany and a little back further into time perhaps. How do you feel about Christmas Markets in Germany? Even better a Middle Ages Christmas Market? For the Day we are staying here. Another Christmas contribution on my part.

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Dortmund Middle Ages Christmas Market in Germany

A lot of Christmas Markets in Germany have become very commercial. It is hard to find those authentic experiences that don’t take away from the charm of the Magical Christmas Season. Like many things, everything just becomes very commercialised, but that should not let us take away the joy. On your next adventure to a Christmas market why not consider the Middle Ages Christmas Market in Dortmund.

Middle Ages Christmas Market in Germany Dortmund Fredenbaumpark Christmas Advents Calender Customs and Traditions Inkas Tour Travelblog Baking Blog Food around the World

By visiting the middle ages Christmas Market it is your chance to travel back in time, to get to know just a little bit what it was like in the Middle Ages. Besides the fact that this Christmas Market is a mixture of a Market but also a Festival makes it so much more Special.

Throughout the Festival Ground in the Federbaum Gardens in Dortmund, you will find original nothing that is not original to the Middle Ages. You do have to remember though while we all thing the Middle Ages, also known as the Medival Period, went on a longer time span than we might think at first, in fact, it lasted from the 5th to the 15th Period. It began with the fall of Roman Empire and continued until around the time when Christoper Columbus discovered the New World in 1492. Did you know that during the Middle Ages was the time when Europe became the way it is today? The remains of the great Western Roman Empire became independent nations, including Germany (Germany) England, France (The Franks) Hungary, Spain and Portugal.

Therefore the Medical Period plays a considerable role in the European History. More than we may think at first. Going to a Middle Ages Christmas Market is a way to embrace this period and see and enjoy the simple things in life. On the Festival Grounds, you will find pure craftsmanship, Kids Attractions, like a Ferris Wheel out of Wood, Food that had been consumed during the medieval period. Each item is as if you genuinely were in the Middle Ages.

Are you wondering why I keep saying Festival?
Let me tell you. The Middle Ages Christmas Market in Dortmund is organized by MPS every year. It is only open on Weekends during the Advents Time. Each of those Weekend there are Bands, which play Medival Music. Which tends to be a mixture of Folk, Celtic and a little bit of Rock. Some of those Bands are there multiple Weekends, while others only one or two. It is up to you to determine your favourite Bands and enjoy the Music and the Medieval Atmosphere all around you. Go ahead and look at the Schedule beforehand to know if this is your weekend you'll enjoy the Festival the most.

Middle Ages Christmas Market in Germany Dortmund Fredenbaumpark Christmas Advents Calender Customs and Traditions Inkas Tour Travelblog Baking Blog Food around the World

Be warned, some people take these “Events” very serious and will dress as if you where in the Middle Ages. Which is a lot of Fun! I'd suggest dressing to impress and embrace the Clothing style. You do feel like you just belong there and you are part of an enormous Family. If you by any change have a long cape-like Coat lying around at home, wear that. For Woman a long skirt can also go the trick. Just keep the Colors very natural. For Men wear a Tunic like shirt, and some Wider Cotton Pants and you got your self an outfit.

It might sound silly, but when you dress to impress, the atmosphere around has a dominant, vibrant and special feeling, like you belong and are part of one big Family. hadIf you get a chance to visit the hooked after the Christmas Market, you can also check out the Summer Festivals, which bring a lot more Medical Joy to your hearts.

What is your favourite Christmas Market in Germany? Or Europe?



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