5 hours of Snow – Wanaka in Winter Wonderland

Wanaka in Winter
I feel like the only way to give it a little bit of justice, especially because of this extreme weather change, is to share the day that my view of Wanaka changed. Yesterday was still a beautiful sunny autumn day, and overnight turned to an episode of  Wanaka in Winter.

Wanaka has turned into a beautiful Winter Wonderland

I must say I have not seen snow for a while now, I have had a couple of Summers like 5 of them after another. I was exited. And I wanted to go out and play a little.

I drove from my Camping Spot for the night into town, stopping only about a hundred times, because even that "boring" tree or the Mountains looked so beautiful now. Besides the first rays of sunlight where just coming out.

I had decided that this morning was another good occasion to join the flock of Photographers at that Wanaka Tree (#thatwanakatree). And I was not disappointed, especially when the Sun finally did come out and the Tree was illuminated. It was pretty amazing and special!

After playing in the snow a little. What do you do when your on the Road, it's snowing or has snowed, it is cold and you don't want to sit in your car? Yep thats right you go and have a Hot Chocolate. That made me feel so much better this morning. And this is what I did. Even though Wanaka in Winter is beautiful.

I ended up talking to some locals, and they mentioned that all this snow is a rare Novelty, that only happens about 2-3 times a year that it actually snows in the Village. This does make sense because Wanaka is only at an elevation of 300m. But for those that want to ski in New Zealand do not worry the Mountains seam to get enough snow. That meant for me that Wanaka in Winter was not only a special occasion for me but for the whole town.

It snowed a total of 10 cm, and the New Zealanders do not know how to deal with the snow. You could see people going tobogganing on this rare occasion, Big Kids (like Adults) having a snow ball fights, people going for walks, there was even a lady going to a Cross Country Ski Ride in the Village. Really all the Normal, except for the fact that the Kids got a DAY OFF SCHOOL. For a total of 10 cm. That really blew my mind. Having grown up in the Mountains, I would have had the whole Winter OFF School. But I mean this was Wanaka in Winter and that meant it was white.

My original plan was to go up Mount Roy today. Although the view would have been beautiful it was just not be best condition to go up, especially with the gear that I have.

As beautiful as the Morning was in Winterwonderland, by Lunch time all the Snow was gone except for a a few patches hear and there.

I was very glad to have experienced this rare Occasion. Who would have thought to have an Autumn Winter Day. The Autumn colors in Wanaka are special every years. Because really it did not know what it quite wanted. So if you get to experience this then think of yourself as lucky. Because it does only happen 2 - 3 times each winter.

Wanaka in Winter, isn't it Beautiful?

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