15 Impressions of Mount Cook National Park

Mount Cook National Park is one of 14 National Parks of New Zealand.

It is the home of New Zealands tallest peak Mount Cook / Aoraki at 3573m. Aoraki translates from Mauri into Cloud Piercer –oh how true that is always at the border of the Clouds. It is also home of the Tasman Glacier, the longest Glacier of New Zealand, with a Length of 23.5 km. Around 40% of the National Park is covered in Glacier.  And to conlude the List;  of New Zealands Peak over 3000m only Mount Aspiring is not located in the Mount Cook National Park.

From the Mount Cook Village it is only 40 km to the West Coast of New Zealand, over the Mountain Range. This is the result in heavy precipitation, and heavy Mood swings within the Weather. On the same day it might Rain, Snow and be Sunny. Wait that all can happen within 5 Minutes.

Throughout my time spend in Mount Cook National Park I was able to capture some of these moods, let the Impressions decided if you want to come for a visit. (Although I do highly recommend going, it is well worth it. A tip of advice to check the weather forcast, because it does seam to be right for the most part.)

Mount Cook National Park
When entering Mount Cook National Park you may have a view similar to this. Remember check the Weather. Even if it is Sunny in Twizel does not mean it is nice inthe Mount Cook Village.
Canterbury Hills
Some rolling Hills, even this far out there are still Farmers. Is there anywhere in New Zealand where there are no sheep?
Mount Footstool and the Mueller Glacier Lake.
Mt. Cook in the Distance.
The second Bridge in the Hooker Valley? Do you know how many there are in total?
Probably the easiest walk in the Mount Cook National park. Here at the top of the Mueller Glacier Lakes. The sides of gravel are all residue of where the Glacier once was.

The MOODS of Mount Cook, the highest Peak in New Zealand! Sometimes its hidden completly and some days its stunningly Beautiful.


I don’t know what was happening this day, but I think it looks pretty darn cool to have clouds like that.
The Tasman Glacier, New Zealand longest one. The Glacier lake did not exist 40 years ago. How surrel is the Melt? Only about 300m in the last two years.

A Couple of years ago these Inuksuk where not so commen, now a days they can be almost found everywhere.

Flowers of Mount Cook National Park

There are some Beautiful Flowers around in Mount Cook National Park, you really just need to keep your eyes open, and I am sure you’ll spot one or two impressions yourself.

This is the result of travelling alone, sometimes when taking a picture the Camera is just no angeled the right way.
A Bench looking towards Lake Pukaki.
We all have to leave at some point, this is what it may look like on a Sunny day. Driving along Lake Pukaki the whole way.

These are the impressions I have been able to gather. The good the bad and the Ugly, really though it is just typical Mountain Weather.

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