36 Impressions of a Coffee Farm in Colombia

Inkas Tour How to stay at a Coffee Farm in Colombia

Visiting a Coffee Farm in Colombia is an absolute Bucketlist item. If you do not get the chance to stay at a Coffee Farm, I’d highly recommend at least going on Tour. While visiting a working Plantation there is a lot you will learn about Coffee that you never knew about before.

If you do have more time, than just going on a Coffee Tour, do it. There are not a lot of places you will get the chance to explore a working Coffee Plantation.

It’s beautiful. Even though they may just be green bushes, the Red Beans are just fascinating to look at.

Inkas Tour How to stay at a Coffee Farm in Colombia

Taking a walk among Coffee is just something else.

The Coffee Tour on a Working Farm Introduction

The Coffee Tour starts with the history to Coffee, through the Distribution of Coffee Arabica and how it came to grow in South America today. The different stages of the Coffee Bean are also covered. Not to forget the endless Coffee you can drink while learning about the History of Coffee.

Columbia Coffee Farm Plantation

The Distribution Chart of the Coffee Plant around the World. Nowadays the Coffee will grown most places along the Equator as you can see on the map.

A Walk through a Columbia Coffee Farm Plantation

Once the walking part of the Tour starts, you will find images like this. Hills over Hills rolling around with River flowing through. And even here the obligatory Garbage Can was a Photography must. You never know where to find them.


Drinking Coffee is one thing, but part of that is also learning about Coffee.

In the middle above you can see the different stages of a Seedling, a Coffee Plant that is "new. Most plants will be harvested for a series of 5 years, at that point they get into their years. On Hacienda Venicia all Coffee Fruits are Hand Picked, like at most Plantations in Colombia. This is mainly because of the Mountains that the Coffee Grows and does not allow Mashines to pick the Coffee Fruit. In other Countries such as Brazil, they will use machines to "strip" the Coffee Beans of the Plants. Not only does this stress the plants but all stages of a Coffee Bean will be picked. As you might have guessed the Handpicking Method is not only more gentle on the Coffee Plants but also on the Coffee, because only the red fruit gets picked and not the green. While it is more time consuming it is quality over quantity.

The Machines of  a Working Production Coffee Farm

If you want to see the Machines in Productions you have to take the Coffee Tour during the week. On weekends the facilities are not in production to separate the re berries to gain the valuable "gold" of the green beans.

Inkas Tour How to stay at a Coffee Farm in Colombia

The Production House of Hacienda Venezia

When the Coffee Beans are picked the so called Red Berries are grinder, washed, and dried. These are the so called Green Beans, which will be sold international to roasters.

On a Coffee Farm you will of course not only find Coffee a few Impressions that will show you the variety of Photographable Photos on a Working Coffee Farm.

Is visting a Coffee Farm in Colombia on your Bucketlist yet?

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