The truth about Machu Picchu and how to still love it.

Ever have that one big thing on your Bucket List, that just Over- Shadowed everything else?
Well I had this one DREAM, the one place I have always wanted to go to, Machu Picchu.

As a little girl at the age of 8 I heard about the “Inkas”, having the same name was pretty COOL. I have wanted to go ever since. Have you guessed the Destination yet? I am sure – YEP Machu Picchu, the sacred city of the Inkas.

Machu Picchu Facts - The Classical View
Last September I completed this goal/ dream. This resulted in Crossing of the Largest Bucket List item, that was over shadowing them all. The ONE item.

So you may ask how I feel about the fact that I completed this Goal? Finally reaching “Machu Picchu”!

When I first arrived in the Ancient City of Machu Picchu I was complete overwhelmed. I could not quite grasp the concept, that I was actually standing on the “holy” ground. It was so magical, there was this peaceful music in the air at, six am in the Morning.

Throughout the day my emotions keeps changing, from not being able to believe that I had finally made it, to what the hell am I doing here. Because I had waited to long, to visit this one place of course my expectations where high. High than any other place I had ever visited.

But in every piece we share we also have not not only be honest with our self but also with you the Readers.
Machu Picchu sounds like a magical place, however to every Tourist Attraction there is also a Dark Side.

Early in the Morning the crowds where not as bad, come noon time, it was overcrowd with thousands of Tourists. The only thing that there was more of where Mosquitos. Now you can imagine what my legs looked like at the end of the Day, while still using Mosquito repellent. Which somehow did not work very well.

Early in the Morning the crowds where not as bad, come noon time, it was overcrowd with thousands of Tourists. The only thing that there was more of where Mosquitos. Now you can imagine what my legs looked like at the end of the Day, while still using Mosquito repellent. Which somehow did not work very well.

Every Tourist that travels though Peru has Machu Picchu on their list, it is “THE” Tourist Attraction of Peru.

Even though it is overcrowded it still remains Authentic. Machu Picchu is the last City of the Inka Empire. It is a city that they Inkas Sacrificed not the be found by the Spanish and fled while they where still building. It is a city that is not complete to this day, but it is a city that is still 70% Original and over 2000 years old. Think on that for a Minute.

NOW look at this Stone Work, and a few Impressions that made me at least be Speechless!!

That is what I call Authentic, and even though the whole experience almost felt like a day at an amusement park, and lost it’s charm a little bit, the History is mind-blowing. These is no way to describe the feeling of walking though these walls not being amazed by the Architecture Work that they performed with such little resources.

This was a Journey with may emotional highs and lows, but a Journey that I would repeat any day. Somehow I still can’t believe that I have been to Machu Picchu.

A dream of forever has become reality. Although I do think that there are more special places like Machu Picchu, now I just have to look for a new number 1. I just love when Dreams become Reality. What is most important in Life really is to make sure we fulfill our Dreams.
And because I want to keep dreaming for just a little longer, a few more Impressions.

What is your Number one Place to see/ visit? Tell me about it.

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  1. by Tamshuk on August 10, 2016  1:54 PM Reply

    Machu Pichu is definitely on my list. I read so many articles of this place, most of them conflicting with each other. I suppose I will decide for myself when I see it with my eyes. Until then, it remains a magical place for me :)

    • by Inka on August 13, 2016  11:37 PM Reply

      I know there are so many opinions out there. Regardless of what the Article says, it is still a magical Place, and I am so glad that I was able to experience it. There is no place like it, even if it has become a little touristy in the last years.

  2. by Anne-Sophie on July 18, 2016  9:44 PM Reply

    It's a shame it didn't quite live up to expectations! I am probably going to go in March next year and I'll make sure to get there extra early before most of the tourists arrive. It looks fantastic!

    • by Inka on July 21, 2016  11:46 PM Reply

      Yes get there are early as Possible, the sad thing is the first Bus arrives at the same time the Gate opens, or if your walking or not, it doesn't matter because the Bus is just as fast. But those few short moments when there are not so many People is magnificent. I just didn't expect so many people there, the actual architecture was magnificant.

  3. by Blair Villanueva on July 18, 2016  10:54 AM Reply

    Such a beautiful place and a must for every hikers :D I wish I could do hiking to enjoy this place.. but I love your photos!

    • by Inka on July 21, 2016  11:24 PM Reply

      I am sure you will find a way, if you really want to do it. :D

  4. by Christina on July 15, 2016  10:06 PM Reply

    Machu Picchu is very high on our bucket list. We had plans to go this year but unfortunately the timing did not work out. I can just imagine how you must have felt when you were first at the sight. The details on the stonework are simply amazing! Can't wait to experience the site as well.

    • by Inka on July 17, 2016  8:14 PM Reply

      I hope for you that it will work out soon. It is simple breathtaking and unique. However I felt this moment of sadness because such a high bucket list item was suddenly complete. Sometimes I have to pinch myself I really went.

  5. by Tae on July 15, 2016  12:27 PM Reply

    Your photography and blog layout is awesome - I love it.
    It's great that you got to look past the amusement park aspect of Machu Picchu and still had an incredible experience. The stonework is incredible, especially as it's held up all of these years.

    • by Inka on July 17, 2016  8:11 PM Reply

      Haha! Yeah I think it is important to look beyond the "tourist" aspect and at the history and culture. Although sometimes it may not be easy.

  6. by Lance on July 15, 2016  12:41 AM Reply

    I did the Inca Trail in late 2013. The whole journey was just epic! When I reached Machu Picchu, it was like a dream come true since I've been longing to visit that place. I must admit that site can be quite overrated. The only part I dislike was the crowd. Luckily I still manage to capture some great photos:) Wish I could do it again. The whole thing was a rewarding experience!:D

    • by Inka on July 15, 2016  12:45 AM Reply

      I totally agree with you. Although I think within the last 3 years there have been more crowds coming. I would totally to it again as well but maybe this time the actual Inka Trail.

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