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  • Christmas in Egypt and Kahk Cookies - December 11

  • December 11 Did you have a good Snow Day everyone? If you are situated in Europe you will probably have been lucky and a little snow came your way. BUT today we are not staying in Europe and I am not sure if this country even gets snow. We are traveling to Egpyt ...  YES they celebrate Christmas [...]
  • Coffee Time : Turning 30, and how to deal with it!

  • Turning 30 is a big deal. Or is it? Initially it is just an age, but it is somewhat of a milestone. We will ask yourself Questions, like what have I have accomplished the last ten years?  Am I in the place I wanted to be? And most of all am I happy with what I have accomplished? Turni[...]
  • The truth about Machu Picchu and how to still love it.

  • Ever have that one big thing on your Bucket List, that just Over- Shadowed everything else? Well I had this one DREAM, the one place I have always wanted to go to, Machu Picchu. As a little girl at the age of 8 I heard about the “Inkas”, having the same name was pretty COOL. I have wanted to go ev[...]