Coffee Time : Turning 30, and how to deal with it!

Inkas Tour | Turning 30, and how to deal with it.

Turning 30 is a big deal. Or is it?
Initially it is just an age, but it is somewhat of a milestone.
We will ask yourself Questions, like what have I have accomplished the last ten years? 
Am I in the place I wanted to be?
And most of all am I happy with what I have accomplished?

Turning 20 ten years ago was a big deal, but turning 30 is like you want to cry with one eye and have tears of joy in the other. It is a mixture between the good and the bad. But what ever experiences we may have had or not, define us and make us the person that we are.

It does not matter what you want to do with you life, but it should be a factor or regret, regardless of what you have done and have not done. Some of us do it yearly, but at least every 10 years is a great chance to reflect on the things you have accomplished, done and are happy about. Think of those moments that made you truly happy because those are the things that you will remember, or should and not the negative things.

So I was asking myself these questions exactly!
Inkas Tour | Turning 30, and how to deal with it.
What have I accomplished. I wonder! Its hard and I could not even tell you at the top of my head, it took me a long while to think about it. So I broke it down into categories in my head. What I am proud of? What moment did I feel the most happy? Free? and high on life?

As you may already know I am not the person with the “typical” society lifestyle. I do not have any of the follow : a major career behind , started a family, a couple kids. I don’t own a House, not even a car. The only thing I have are clothing and some random items that fit in about 5 boxes, and not to forget my backpack, one for traveling and one for moving as I like to call it. And I realized that is exactly what I am proud of. My lifestyle. This lifestyle has given me so much and much more than I could ever have imagined. It has given me a type of freedom not many people can relate to or have.

When reflecting in no particular order these are the things I have accomplished;

The moments that have made me happy, proud, free or high on life!

  1. Work and Holiday Visa in Australia and New Zealand
  2. Living in Canada and/ but “giving” up my permeant residency
  3. Traveled to over 80 countries, although the original plan of 193 countries did not come true, 80 is still a pretty good number. However I do plan on extending that number in the next couple of years.
  4. Working on a Cruise ship for 1.5 years.
  5. Worked or volunteered  in 10 different countries
  6. Ticked off Bucket List item number one: Machu Picchu.
  7. Traveled Canada from West to East by Train
  8. Road trip on Australia’s West Coast (2 month of pure Freedom)

I spend my time and money on traveling on enjoying those moments are those I feel most happy. I do not know if I will ever be happy in once place. Although having that one small place, a place you can always come back to without having the need, the feeling of disturbing anyone or anything. But even just finding that one spot where you know you would like to return to that you call you own is really hard to find, regardless of knowing in what country that place shall be. Because it is not only the place that makes it special, but a combination of two factors the place and the people. Friendship are important in our life. Sometimes the friendships least likely to last, or those that seam less “special”, will be more permanent and last longer than we think. Those are the Friendships that we should keep close. Those friendships are those where you can meet up years later and it will seam and feel like it was just yesterday, like no time has passed, that we saw them. Those are the Friendships that will be there down the road.

But that is what makes Friendships special, because when turning 30 you know who your friends are, but you have certainly will not stop making new Friendships. No matter where you go traveling it will change you, you will grow and become a different person. While at home everything just feels the same.

Turning 30, not matter what someone will tell you is a BIG DEAL. I mean come on your entering the Dirty 30’s, it’s the time in your life where you will be an official Adult, and know who you are more than when you turned 20.
Inkas Tour | Turning 30, and how to deal with it.
All in all that probably sums it up, the things I have done and have not done.

But that is the story of Life! And Turning 30 is is a good or a bad thing?
Well you know is it hard to tell what you should and should not do. what will be the question what will answer? it is hard. It hard to decide hard to determine and it is more harder to know hat you are.

A reflection on 10 years is hard, and 30 seams like a big deal. But deep inside I feel happy that I have left my  twenties behind. It is like it is time to start a new chapter, that currently for me has a few rocks in the way that need to be removed, but it’s not anything that can’t be done. I think the time has come where you just kinda finally have to let go and risk everything. That is had to do overnight.

It feel like something has come to and end, and something new has started. A New Century and a new Zero. The one thing that does end however is when turning 30, is that it is your last year to apply to apply for a Working Holiday Visa.

It is you last chance to do that one crazy thing that you wanted to work freely in another country without needing another visa, if you have not done or have not done, and not even have to sacrifice your Career. This is the freedom of the Working Holiday Visa, being able to work in the Country you are visiting.I truly believe that you have missed something, if you not taken this opportunity. Working and experiences the culture is something completely different that just going on a holiday.

Meeting the national people and seeing their habits, working side by side is a true and one of a kind experience. These will be memories that no one can take from you, down the road.

I understand if this may not be possible and that is also okay. Believe me when I tell you there are other that you can have the same travel and experience the culture and see the world in a total different reason and way. Even if you are 40 and want to volunteer in another country, even it is just for a week.

DO IT! It will be so worth it.

Don’t listen to others, and don’t  listen to the negative feedback from other. Why should you? It is you life and why not take some time for yourself? Just getting back to the roots, finding that purpose again in life. Some people walk the Camino Trails, others want to chill in a hammock while another love volunteering, it can be a Coffee Plantation, Mango Farm or at a school. There are a lot of options.
Inkas Tour | Turing 30, and how to deal with it.It is a very unique experience, going back to the Basics away from all the trouble of the Western Countries. Volunteering is a great way to give back and experience some new. This almost basic way of living will help you feel grounded again, and not take everything that you have for granted. there is no reason to not give something back. why not give something back?

If I have learned one thing in the last 30 years, the World is a great place to explore and just waiting for you.

One last important thing to remember is to realize the small thing in life, are the most important.

Not the amount of money in your bank or a new fancy car. But really the small things, like watching that tomato grown that you planted, or seeing the people you love smiling. Those are the moments that all make it special. What you see is what you get back.

Lastly, I don’t advice you to throw everything you have and throw is all in one pile. I just advice you to sometimes just take a risk.

Cause turning 30, 40 or even 50 it is just an age it is how old you feel. But what would I know about age, after just turning 30?

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