The Southern Points – NZ Part 7

DAY 18 & 19

Te Anau -> Bluff -> Slope Point -> Curio Bay -> Owaka
Day 2 of the Catlins
Owaka -> Matai & Horseshoe Falls -> Punakaunui Falls -> Surat Bay -> Owaka

To the bottom on New Zealand. Most people would believe it is Bluff, however Slope Point in the the actual bottom (not counting Steward Island). The Slope Point is in the Catlins. Here some of the most windy stretches, the most photographed Waterfall of New Zealand, the Yellow eyed Penguin and Sealions find their home. Over a period of two days, the tour went through the the Catlins.

The sign at Bluff, marking the Southern End so The SH1 which runs the length of New Zealand.
A heard of Cows living at the edge of New Zealand, what am amazing view to have, and a great way to live. Can I build a house here?
Slope Point, the most southern point of the South Island.
Looking towards Antartica, only 4803 km to go.
Slope Point and the rough sea. I think I sat here for at least half and hour just enjoying the ocean.
Some of the Landscape of the Catlins, there is a lot of Farmland around.
Curio Bay / Tumu Toka which translates from Mauri to ‘hardened wood’ or ‘stump of wood’. A reference to the imprints of the fossils of fallen trees, around 180 million years ago.
Tautuku Bay, such an amazing wave break.
At Tautuku Bay (on the Right) a look out on the the South Pacific Ocean.
Lake Wilikie, a 30 minute walk, to this gorgeous Lake, on the edge of New Zealand.
The enchanted forest that lead to the Lake Wilikie.
The Maitai Falls – YES! These colors are the real deal.
Another Forest, the undergrowth to the Waterfall through regenerating podocarp/broadleaf forest.
The Horseshoe Falls, another 5 minutes further, all the little secrets in one Forest.
Having some fun in the forest!
The Purakaunui Falls, and icon of the Catlins, and the most photographed waterfalls of New Zealand.
This lovely tree, looks so normal, on the walkway to the Purakaunui Falls.
However this is what it look like from the inside. How can it live? Pretty cool eh?
Have you heard the rumor of Surret Bay? If not go down the Beach for an hour walk, and you’lol be in for a surprise. It is a 5 minute drive from Owaka.
Can you identify these lovely creatures?
If you have not figured it out yet, well this is a little sea lion going for a jog.
An after jogging for about 4m, a breather is much needed. They look so cute and funny when jogging.
Later in the evening, one last stop called. Nugget Point another stop to see the Yellow -Eyed Penguin, this evening we saw 4.

This closes the Journey through the Catlins, in order to see more you’ll just have to explore it on your own. There is just sol etching special about seeing, Animals in their natural environment. If you would like to see some of these, then the Catlins in the way to go. Especially the Yellow-Eyed Penguins, this is one of the few places on earth to be able to see them.

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