Stuck in the Middle – NZ Part 6

With time passing quickly, each day is a blur you don’t realize a month has already passed. Hear I am at a complete new destination decided to share this piece of the trip, that is bound to come to a closure at some point. There are only 5 days left.
If you have ever been to Norway and seen the fjords, you could be there if you have ever been to the Rocky Mountains, it could also be there. Every day it feels like you could be in a different part of the World, New Zealand has a little bit of everything. Enjoy the drive through the Middle, but don’t get Stuck to long. You might just want to stay.

DAY 16

Wanaka -> Cardona -> Arrowtown -> Queenstown -> Te Anau

The drive to Queenstown was truly through amazing country, Mountain standing, high and proud on both sides. The Kiwis like there fences off random things so far we were able to see a fence off sneakers and Jandels (flip-flops), however the best one of all a Bra – fence. Taking the the Crown Range Passage from Wanaka to Queenstown also marks the highest paved road in New Zealand, at 1072m. Queenstown the adventure capital of New Zealand, was very crowed and full the hours we spend there. Maybe this is a place to stay a little longer in order to fall in love with it. On towards Te Anau the landscape changed again. Check it out!

A beautiful place somewhere along the Road that just called for a stop.

The Crown Passage, the highest paved Road of New Zealand at 1072 m.

Looking beyond.

Cardona, home of the Bra Fence, it's also s very popular place during Winter.

Arrowtown, a small city with a Historical touch. The only things that are missing are Horse and Carriage.

A serial view of Arrowtown, just located 20 minutes from Queenstown.

The Dock of Queenstown and the surroundings Remarkable's.

A different view of the Docks , opposite the photo would be the City including sky scrapers. Is it only me or am I the only one that believes that for some reason this does not fit.

DAY 17

Te Anau -> Milford Sounds -> Te Anau
When in New Zealand there are some things that are a must do, going to the Milford Sounds should be one of them. The two hour drive from Te Anau is through lush, mountain landscape with a fast changing scenery. If you have been to Norway and the fjords you’ll feel like that is where you have been transported. The Landscspe is oh so familiar, but once again it is just easier to describe in Pictures than words. Oh an we even saw some Dolphins swim along in the Milford Sounds.

The Start of the Milford Sounds, Postcard Perfect. Getting there early, and on an early cruise it the best thing to enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Another angle of the start of the Milford Sound, the best way to explore is by taking a cruise.

Another way to enjoy this beautiful landscape is by tramping the 4 day Milford Sound Trek, which is booked out very fast.

Skipping all the way to the End of Milford Sounds, as the cruise goes the same way back. This is a view of Dale Point, the most northern Point of the Milford Sound.

The Seal Rock, a seal colony living in the Milford Sounds. can you count them all?

Stirling Falls, named after Captain Stirling and drops 146m and is fed by glaciers.

Mount Kimberly, also known as Lion Mountain.

A last panorama of milford sound, before its time to say good bye. This is one of those things that is a must do in New Zealand.

In the Morning, we where racing to get to the Sound, to take an early cruise now it's time to drive back with lots of time on hand. This is the Mount Tūkoko - Topuni, the highest Mountain in the fjord lands and 2723m.

A beautiful little gorge on the way.

Everywhere these are little Creeks peaking through.

I will not comment and just let you enjoy the view.

The Mountain at Homer Tunnel, I believe it's also the name of the Mountain.

What do you do at 12pm? Well we had Lunch, right at this spot.

Paragliding looks pretty cool, imagine the view that you'd get?

And just because I can, a silly shot, with a stunning background. I kinda look like a moose, but I believe they don't live in New Zealand. One thing the British did not import.

The first Kea, an alpine - parrot that is very rare, so Do Not Feed it.

A small beautiful waterfall, along a drive where it's hard to look left and right at the same time.

The Greenstone Valley, a Glacial crossroad.

The Lakes, the Mirror Lakes are suppose to be famous, for the reflection in the water. Guess it was to windy. Cause I can't read the sign.

However the Panorama is nice at least.

Even though it's not ideal, at least we decided to make the best out of it, selfie time. What a silly day this was.

The Hostel we stayed at, had these beautiful creatures live right next door.

Alpaca, are they not the cutest things?

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