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  • Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay - Back to the Old Days

  • Often when traveling places, some are just not on you radar. Places that will surprise us and that are extremely cool and unique. Much like Colonia, Uruguay. Colonia is a ferry ride away from Buenos Aires and on a clear day you can see the skyline all the way from Colonia. When you land in Colo[...]
  • Buenos Aires and the Graveyard Tango!

  •   Welcome to Buenos Aires and the Graveyard Tango! This place seems like it could be anywhere. It probably is one of the most European Cities in South America; a city to either love or hate. When I initially though about Buenos Aires the first images and thoughts that came to mind where: Tang[...]
  • Photograph Diary - Iguazu Falls and a stop in Paraguay

  • Each Week when Travelling so much happens that it really is hard sometimes to keep track of all the Different places and impressions. Now I have decided that I will choose FOUR Photographs every Week. A Photograph Diary so to say, and of course an update on what and where Inkas Tour have been up to [...]
  • Valparaiso, Chile -  A grafitti covered City!

  • A New Continent, and a whole New world. Exploring Valparaiso, Chile. This city has is covered with colorful house and graffiti everywhere. Some of it quite beautiful and is like Art where the odd few just looks like nothing much. It makes everything look a lot more pleasant and interesting. If yo[...]