Photograph Diary – Iguazu Falls and a stop in Paraguay

Each Week when Travelling so much happens that it really is hard sometimes to keep track of all the Different places and impressions. Now I have decided that I will choose FOUR Photographs every Week. A Photograph Diary so to say, and of course an update on what and where Inkas Tour have been up to the Past week. If you are already folloing me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you may have an idea. – However these will be all new Photgraphs not yet seen, with short stories and tips. –

A trip to the Iguazu Falls and a hop across the Border!

Iguazu Falls
The Iguazu Falls are some if not the MOST impressive Waterfalls I have ever seen. The amount of Water that rushes down them per second is totally mindblowing. Have you visited?

This beauty was sitting in a tree near the Devil Falls in the Iguazu Falls National Park on the Argentina Side.
jesus missiones
The Jesus Missiones in the “state” of Trinidad in Paraguay. An hour Bus ride from Encarnation for 20,000Gr. The are the best keep Ruins and are the most important around Paraguay. They are also a Unesco World Heritage Site, probably the least visited due to their location.
Jesus Missiones
The Jesus Missions have such amazing detail, like these Angels above the entrance way. sometimes the old Buildings are just so much more impressive.

If you have a chance you should visit Paraguay after the Iguazu Falls.



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