The Tour Beginning / Anfang

tour beginning
Six years ago I took the chance and started travelling the World. Me and my Trusty Backpack have seen a lot since. You can also do this. January 2008 I left the comfort of Home and never regretting a single moment, really that was the Tour Beginning.

I left 4 boxes in the attic of my Moms, sold my Furniture and Household items, that I had during my Apprenticeship in Germany. Left with a Backpack, weighting 16 kg and went back to the Town I grew up in. Located in the Heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Taking a Job Full-time at a Cafe and part-time in a Restaurant, I was working 6 days a week, of long hours days, sometimes 16 hours. This allowed me to save up a bit of money, even though the living expenses were (and still are) high, to be able to continue travelling to the next destination.

Looking at my World map, that has travelled with me everywhere since, there is still a lot of empty space. That needs to be filled. Sometimes I wish that I would have started this Page earlier, but it can never be to late. However being old fashion I have filled endless and countless journals.

tour beginning
During this time I was able to Travel Canada by Train, do a Work and Holiday Visa in Australia. Work in Austria and Norway and travel the world while working on a Cruise Ship. Having made countless memories along the way. Memories including a trip of a lifetime with the most amazing group of 13 people, along the West Coast of Australia, swimming in the Sankt Wolfgang See at 13 degree, Skiing in the Alps and working long hours while cruising around the world and many more. Having spend two years on a Cruise ship. The time has NOW come to go back to my roots and travel the same as I started 6 years ago. I am on my way to New Zealand.

This page will provide a space to share my experiences of travelling on the road, taking jobs in foreign Countries and my attempts to live and work independent from everywhere. Be a part of this. If you would like to help me in any way of living this dream, like my stories or would like to support me I would be trilled to hear from you.

P.S. An all die lieben Deutsch sprachigen, auf meiner Reise habe Ich bemerkt das es total schwer und auch Zeit in Anspruch nimmt in 2 Sprachen zu schreiben. Somit wird es erst einmal nur auf English sein.

Best Greetings! Mit lieben Grüßen !

Remember that every Journey started somewhere making it the Tour Beginning.

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