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  • Going on a Husky Safari in Finland

  • First of: You need to add a Husky Safari in Finland to your Bucket list as soon as possible, it will be the best thing you have ever experienced. If you have not already done so. Has there ever been something you really wanted to do and always do? But you knew that you could only do it once you w[...]
  • Oven Baked White Chocolate Cassis Donuts + DIY Donut Pan

  • ~ These Oven Baked White Chocolate Cassis Donuts, have the perfect combination of a fluffy Donut, with a cake like texture, minus the excess amounts of Fat in a Regular Donut. ~  Have you ever wondered how to make Donuts semi-healthy? Without the Fat or Oil. See Donuts are generally Deep-fried[...]
  • On the Top at Sunrise, Kitzbuhler Horn

  • Sometimes we experience moments, Sometimes the moments experience us. They Define us. Sometimes other will think you are Crazy, Stupid or Clueless. When you do something out of the “Normal” you will receive these labels at some point or another. How can this idea be stupid? --> On the top a[...]
  • 10 Reason to Hike the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu

  • Are you one of those people like me who have always dreamed about hiking to Machu Picchu? Well here is you change, without having to book Month in Advance. A couple of Days in truly enough!! The Salkantay Trek is an amazing alternative Trek to reach Machu Picchu, leading you through a variety of La[...]
Love and War 4.5 Reasons about Blogging
  • Love and War 4.5 Reasons about Blogging

  •   We often see the New Year as a new start. And in a sense it is exactly that. But how many of the New Years Resolutions have we made and that fall completely through. Probably at least 90% of the time our intentions are thrown over board within the first Month. It is always love and war. [...]
  • Photography Reflection of 2015's 2nd Half - Photoparade

  • 2015 has come to an end, it is has been one hell of a Year, especially the second half of 2015 was just amazing. I know about you but sometimes we looking back and so much happened in a couple of Month. A Photodiary - another Photography Reflection - is the best solution to fix it all. In only 6 m[...]
  • Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay - Back to the Old Days

  • Often when traveling places, some are just not on you radar. Places that will surprise us and that are extremely cool and unique. Much like Colonia, Uruguay. Colonia is a ferry ride away from Buenos Aires and on a clear day you can see the skyline all the way from Colonia. When you land in Colo[...]
  • Buenos Aires and the Graveyard Tango!

  •   Welcome to Buenos Aires and the Graveyard Tango! This place seems like it could be anywhere. It probably is one of the most European Cities in South America; a city to either love or hate. When I initially though about Buenos Aires the first images and thoughts that came to mind where: Tang[...]
  • Week One New Zealand - Top 10 Photographs

  • The week of Nov. 20 - Nov. 26! Week one, New Zealand: has now passed since landing and starting a new Journey and a new Adventure. When ever in a new place the first bit is always a little bit of an orientation, figuring out where the trip the tour will go. But to make it all the more interesting[...]
The Tour Beginning / Anfang
  • The Tour Beginning / Anfang

  • Six years ago I took the chance and started travelling the World. Me and my Trusty Backpack have seen a lot since. You can also do this. January 2008 I left the comfort of Home and never regretting a single moment, really that was the Tour Beginning. I left 4 boxes in the attic of my Moms, sold[...]