Oven Baked White Chocolate Cassis Donuts + DIY Donut Pan

~ These Oven Baked White Chocolate Cassis Donuts, have the perfect combination of a fluffy Donut, with a cake like texture, minus the excess amounts of Fat in a Regular Donut. ~ 

Oven Baked White Chocolate Cassis Donuts

Have you ever wondered how to make Donuts semi-healthy? Without the Fat or Oil.
See Donuts are generally Deep-fried and full of loads of Fat, but not these once. They are almost cake like, wait they are. And I am sure you are going to love this DIY Donut form. Because let us be honest who wants to invest in another Baking Pan when we can just DIY it.
I promise it is not a hard project either.

Wait let me ask first do you even LOVE Donuts?

But before let me tell you a little story, on how it all came to be about. The National Donut Day on June 5th was a motivation to finally try to make some Donuts. Sometimes we just need that spark. Two months later I am still using the DIY Form more than once and kinda love it. The reason we probably don’t bake Donuts is due to the fact of all the fat that we need. What are we going to do with the Fat after wards?

Well, that is where these OVEN BAKED White Chocolate Cassis Donuts come into play. Let us celebrate just a little bit of Summer.
Oven Baked White Chocolate Cassis Donuts
Donuts Donuts Donuts. Hear the Donut song coming. No, I don’t know if there is such thing. But somehow I feel inspired to write a Donut song. If you know of one then please to let me know. I think it would be an amazing Summer Hit.

Now before we actually bake these Donuts, we need to create, prepare and make our DIY Donut Pan.

What you will need for the DIY Donut Pan:

12 x Pieces of Wood about 1.5 cm in Diameter, and around 5cm long
Some Tin Foil
a saw (maybe)
a Muffin Pan

The Wood pieces can be found in your nearby forest, your yard or you even have the choice to buy these pieces of Wood. In my case, I used pieces of wood that are generally used to start a fire. “The Scrap” pieces that no one really wants. But I am positive you will find some good pieces in the Forest as well. Just make sure they are not wet, as they might get moldy quickly.

If you are only finding long pieces, no problem, even better actually you can just cut them with a saw to the right length. Just make sure that the bottom is straight, so these pieces can stand upright without falling over.

Once you have your 12 pieces (one for each Muffin Mold), you should wrap these in tin foil, just to give the Wood some protection and for the pieces to be removed letter later on from the Donuts. Also, don’t make big bulges at the bottom or top, fold the Tinfoil in carefully, so that once again these wood pieces can stand.
Oven Baked White Chocolate Cassis Donuts
Grease the Muffin Pan, and the bottom of the pieces which will later be in the dough. Then place the wood pieces into the middle of each of the Muffin Molds. Be careful not to move the pan too much as the Wood Pieces do like to fall over.

Bingo you have just created your own DIY Doughnut Pan. How cool is that?

Just like with cakes, cupcakes or muffins there are endless Combinations of Donuts to make.

So let’s get back to, WHY Oven-baked?

  1. You will not be wasting the endless amount of Fat.
  2. You will not consummate endless amounts of Fat.
  3. This way it becomes a “semi” healthy snack.
  4. Who does not like cute little Donuts?
  5. They are almost cake like, but still, have the softness and fluffy ness of a Donut.

Summer time is Berry Time. And Cassis just belong to that time.
So to celebrate Summer and a little bit of the Rainbow here is a great start to you Doughnut career. Because that seems to be the theme of this years summer, Unicorns and Rainbows everywhere not that I mind.

Oven Baked White Chocolate Cassis Donuts


150g Flour
25g Grated White Chocolate
1tsp Baking Powder
pinch of Salt
100ml Buttermilk
3TL Oil
Juice of one Lime
1 Egg
100 g Icing Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
50 g Cassis Berries (Red, White, Black your choice)

a couple of berries from above
50g White Chocolate

The how to Step by Step:

1. Mix the Icing Sugar, Vanilla Extract, Egg and Juice of one Lime together until creamy. Slowly add in the Buttermilk and the Oil into the Mixture.
2. Add Flour, Baking Powder, Salt and the grated White Chocolate into the Wet Ingredients, and Mix.
Fill the Mixture into the greased Donut Form and. To each Donut add 6-8 Cassis Berries (spare a few Berries for the Decoration).

Bake 10-15 Minutes at 180ºC. Let them cool down.
Oven Baked White Chocolate Cassis Donuts
Melt 50g of White Chocolate, sprinkle half of the Chocolate on the Donuts. Mix the rest of the Cassis Berries into the reminding White Chocolate and mix the Berries in until the Chocolate is pink. Sprinkle these over the Donuts.

Oven Baked White Chocolate Cassis Donuts

Are you inspired to bake these Oven Baked White Chocolate Cassis Donuts in your own DIY Donut Pan and bake the hell out of it?

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