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  • Delicious Mini Apple Chocolate Pies

  • So hear it is a dip into apple paradise that is packaged in a Chocolate Crust, and a little bit of Marzipan(similar to these PEAR-PIES), to add a unique sweetness to it all. Why not make it an Apple Chocolate Pie? September is a typical Apple Month, when the fresh apples fall from the trees, [...]
  • Melt in your Mouth Caramel Chocolate Cookies

  • I really wanted some Cookies … at the moment I am definitely in Cookie Craving Heaven. Looking in the Pantry it turned out it was gonna be some Caramel Chocolate Cookies. I honestly think it is because of the Weather. Cookies and Summer generally don't mix for me or at least never seam to be on[...]
  • Banana Chocolate Bomb

  • What can there be better than Banana and Chocolate together in one combination. Today this will be short, cute and yeah a small whimsical Cake. (It's one of those Baked Delights when I just gotta happen fast and be fast to make, one of many out there.) Was gibt es besseres als Banane und Sch[...]
  • Plum Gingerbread Cinnamom Muffins

  • ~ Image your biting into a Chocolate Covered Gingerbread with a a fruity note, then you got this amazing mouthwatering taste of these Plum - Cinnamon - Muffins ~ ~ Träume von Lebkuchen und Schokolade, im Einklang miteinander, dazu eine Fruchtige Note, dann hast du den Geschmack in deinem Mund die[...]