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  • Photography Reflection of 2015's 2nd Half - Photoparade

  • 2015 has come to an end, it is has been one hell of a Year, especially the second half of 2015 was just amazing. I know about you but sometimes we looking back and so much happened in a couple of Month. A Photodiary - another Photography Reflection - is the best solution to fix it all. In only 6 m[...]
  • 15 Garbage Cans in Winter

  • Lets stay on the Topic of Winter for just a little while longer.  In years of travelling, I have not had very many Winter's with Snow. Well maybe that is an exaggeration but really its been 7 years since I started with the whole topic of Garbage Can Photography. This results in the fact that the[...]
  • Colorful Garbage Cans of the World

  • Garbage Cans, are everywhere. They are so "normal" to us and in every day usage, that we probably don't realize how beautiful they can be. This is a collection of some Colorful Garbage Cans, from 7 different Countries. Germany, Australia, Estonia, Netherlands, New Zealand and Sweden.  " Some people[...]