Photography Reflection of 2015’s 2nd Half – Photoparade

2015 has come to an end, it is has been one hell of a Year, especially the second half of 2015 was just amazing. I know about you but sometimes we looking back and so much happened in a couple of Month. A Photodiary – another Photography Reflection – is the best solution to fix it all. In only 6 month I was fortunate enough to travel to 12 different Countries, visit about 23 Larger Cities, many Backroads, hiked over Mountains, jumped over steams, took countless Overnight Busses all throughout South America and completed the Number One Thing on My Bucket List.
I didn’t realize how much I has actually seen, until I looked back into my Photographs of this grand Journey just fast few weeks. This gave me the ultimate chance to share some highlights with you, especially after Michael from “Erkunde die Welt” called for his Fotoparade Round 2, sadly missed the first time around.

Photodiary in a Photography Reflection of the 2nd half of 2015

It was only called for 6 images, but who can decide on only 6 images when having seen so much in such a short time, even that was a struggle. So I decided on two per topic resulting in 12. However two extra images snuck in because lets face it I could not decide. And they just didn’t want to leave anymore, they had a meaning and a story to tell.

I also added an extra Category; Making it seven in total : Most meaningful Photograph. The past 6 month of traveling have thought me a lot, not only to appreciate what we have, that changes can be made, but also that dreams do come true.

Most Beautiful Summer Photograph

2015_Photographs2 When Summer was in the Northern Hemisphere I was surrounded by Snow, Ice and Cold. (For a little while anyways) in South America. This Photograph was taken on the Paso Los Libertadores. The Crossing over the Andes from Valparaiso, Chile to Mendoza, Argentina being the most popular Road. I had just recently arrived in South America, and was fortunate enough to take this Crossing across the Andes, as only days before I had been closed due to the huge amount of snow that had been falling. One of those Bus trips that is well worth traveling through the Day.

2015_Photographs1 Heading west, the Weather got warmer, although it was still Winter Short and a light Cardigan where all that were needed. On a Quick stop to Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay this absolutely beautiful Sunset happened. It is the small things in life that make the big picture worth it. I love the Shadow effect of this image, it just warms my heart.

Most Beautiful Autumn Photographs

Autumn just has to be my favorite Season, I love the colors, and that just slightly crisp Air, knowing that Winter will come soon. The exact Contrast to what Autumn really is. After having returned from South America I was just in time for my second Autumn. On a late Afternoon Walk, the Sun was just poking through the trees, the perfect time for the time known as the Golden Hour.

photography reflection
I just don”t know if it can get any more Beautiful. The Golden Light that the Sun is giving off. Only word I have: Beautiful. (This image was taken on the same walk as above).

Most Beautiful Body of Water Photograph

This is where an extra Image must have suck in, because lets face it what is a body of Water?
photography reflectionA Body of Water can be small, or large. This one is rather small but I love the detail of it, of the single drops on the Branches. After a couple of days of Rain in the Yungas (Jungle) of Northern Argentina, it was beautiful to walk by a River bed and see how the small streams came to life. In the Summer the whole area is just one big Swimming Pool.
photography reflectionA Jump to Peru. The Salkantay Trek is alternative Inka Trail Trek. The highest elevation point is at 4600m. But one that is passed you come into a Valley, with a stream. The stream from above, perhaps 2000 years ago the Inkas also drank from this stream.
photography reflectionNot to miss the Largest Body of Water, the Iguazu Falls. Mindblowing. Breathtaking. Unbelivable. Those would be the exact words that I would describe these Falls as. I don’t know how but there are tons and tons of Water Running down every Second. They have such an enormous Power and Force behind them, While also marking the Border between Argentina and Brazil at this point.

Most Beautiful “Home” Photograph

photography reflectionGenerally I say Home is where my Backpack is. When traveling for so long, it is difficult to determine what is home, because the World becomes home. This time around I decided that “Home” was a place where family lived, not that it is my Home but after being away for 11 month it is nice to be surrounded by Family and “Home” for a while, until the Travel Bug bits again.
photography reflectionWhile spending some time at this “Home” I realized that even there are beautiful Sunsets. I mean look at that, and those colors. Sometimes we don’t actually have to go very far to enjoy the beauty of Nature. (Sadly this image is not the Best Quality as an iPhone 4 can only take so good (or not) Photographs.)

Most Beautiful Landscape Photograph

photography reflection In the Atacama Desert, in Chile the Stargazing is spectacular and one of the Reason so many travelers take a trip exactly there. In this case I was no different, but what I did not know was that the was a whole Mountain Range made out of Salt. Yes all those Hills and Mountains are pure Salt. They are just covered with Sand from the Desert but if you would scrub it clean there would be pure Salt underneath. I know I tried and tasted.

photography reflection Of of the most Amazing places on the whole South America trip was Bolivia, unexpected. I never thought that a country so little, could be so diverse. Bolivia is known for the Uyuni Salt Flats, but what most people do not share is that the 3 Day Jeep tour really only includes half a day at this Salt Flats, and the rest of the time explores the South West of the Country. And this is the part that took my Breath away. This Landscape took my Breath away, at Laguna Verde this Photograph was captured. In the front you can see some Vicunga (a relative of the Llama or Alpaca)

My Favorite Photograph

photography reflection It is so rare to see a Tucan in the Wild. This creature I was fortunate enough to spot, while some other Tourists have already stopped along the Walkway to the Devils Trought at the Iguazu Waterfalls on the Argentina Side.
photography reflection Cuzco, the Holy city of the Inka’s. I still can’t quite believe that I have been there are acutely made it there. This is the Main square of Cuzco, on it there are two churches, but rarely is it ever so unpopulated. During my Week stay in Cuzco I had never seen it empty until one day when there was a surprise Shower, and within only a couple of minutes the whole square was evacuated. I just loved the Contrast between the clouds, the Sunshine trying to come back and the Empty square. Almost Dramatic.

Most Meaningful Photograph

Up until this point in my life I had always traveled to “safe” Countries, and didn’t realize that there was a whole lot more, like already stated above the past 6 month of traveling have thought me a lot, not only to appreciate what we have, that changes can be made, but also that dreams do come true.
photography reflection

On a short trip to Columbia, I slowly understood what my Dad was saying before I went traveling to these Countries, that they where not safe. But lucky for us that has changed in the last 10 years. Where once one of most dangerous places on earth was, are not these pillars 341..(something like that) reminding us of that time period. Having grown up in fear, a mandatory curfew of 5pm for Adult and Children was the live of many Medellin people for a long time. Moments like this make us appreciate what we have, and where we grew up.
photography reflectionThe Number ONE on my Bucket list for 20 years, Machu Picchu and now it is gone. Completed. It’s a little sad but also something I have wanted to see for so long that it was a moment for me this year of 2015 that is made it truly special and one of a kind. Up until now a few month later my mind still has not registered that I have been. I also can’t believe this was build 2000 years ago, and is still 70% original. How cute is this Llama posing just for me? But the best thing is that this moment made me realize “That DREAMS do come true” and


“Live as if you die today, and dream as if you’ll live forever”

Do you have a Photography Reflection?



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