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Colorful Garbage Cans of the World – Inkas Tour
Garbage Can

Colorful Garbage Cans of the World

colorful Garbage Cans
Garbage Cans, are everywhere. They are so “normal” to us and in every day usage, that we probably don’t realize how beautiful they can be. This is a collection of some Colorful Garbage Cans, from 7 different Countries. Germany, Australia, Estonia, Netherlands, New Zealand and Sweden. 

” Some people come into your life, for a season, some for a life time and others leave a Footprint forever in you Heart. “

It has been seven years since I have first embarked on my first Journey to travel alone. At that point I had just finished my Apprenticeship, and went back ‘home’ to experience the life of living there alone. See ‘home’ was a special place though. Most people have heard about Banff, and that is where I grew up one of the biggest Backpacker Destinations probably in the World.

On this first solo trip, in a Hostel in Banff I meet this Beautiful, Crazy and Amazing Person. Sometimes you just meet someone and you have an instant connection like you just get each other. Years can pass without talking, and when you see each other again it will be like nothing has changed. This reminds me, it is time for a catch-up, so Nana when are you gonna take the flight across the Pond?

colorful garbage cans
Even though we have not travelled together, she has managed to be a part of my travels ever since I left to explore the world in November 2008.

Before I left she told me the following sentence (or something similar.)

” I am at a stage in my lifef where I can not go travelling yet, even though I really wish I could and will at some point.  I want to be there with you on your Travels, I have thought about what would be found everywhere. I came to the conclusion that you should take pictures of Garbage Cans.”

Yes, Garbage Cans. Nana you do not know how many times in the last 7 years I have told this story. You do not know what impact you have given my Travels all these years. How many strange looks I have gotten from travel companions. Because my Dear you have accomplished exactly what you wanted. You have been travelling around the world with me. Always right there in my Heart. To this very day I have and still am taking pictures of Garbarge Cans everywhere I go, it been 7 years and over 600+ pictutes later.

On behalf on InkasTour I finally want to share some of this images, that have impacted my travels. Potentially it will also be a different look on the world. So what are the most colorful Garbage Cans around the World. (Or at least places I have been.)

What can I say, sometimes we have to take a look at the smaller things in life, in order to Appreciate the Big. Garbage Cans can be found in a lot of places  on this planet.

Is there anything. like these Colorful Garbage Cans, you take pictures of or with when traveling?

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