8 things to do in Mount Cook National Park

Mount Cook National Park
Mount Cook National Park has a lot of offer, not only is it home to New Zealand highest Mountain but has a total of 700km mˆ2, there is a lot of exploring that can be done. Only about 40% of that area being a Glacier, is a little hard to explore. Now most of us, will never be able to explore every square meter of this area, but when you are there these are my top 8 things that you should try and do.

My Memories of Mount Cook National Park will always stay, however this one Chapter of my New Zealand story is now closed, its been written over four month as I am now leaving Mount Cook. Leaving a place is never easy nor hard, sometimes it is just the right time. And my time has come. It has been a good four month, and I enjoyed my time here.

I have almost experience every kind of Weather imaginable. About 2-3 Days a Week it would rain, as all the Precipitation would come over the Mountains from the West Coast, and fall down directly over the Village. Technically Mount Cook is closer to the West Coast than the east. If there where no Mountains blocking it, it would only be 40 km away.

” To anyone that may visit Mount Cook in the future: The Weather is very moody, but if you are there on a clear Day. I would highly recommend heading to the Sir Edmund Cafe in the Hermitage Hotel, and have a seat on the Balcony. Does not matter, if you have a Beer to cool off or a Soda. You will love the View.”

So over my time in Mount Cook National Park, I have completed some of the MUST DO things, and then some:

Here are 8 of my favorite and “easy” things to do in Mount Cook National Park:

(or not but I have heard great things about them – my Days Off where always those 2-days where the Weather would not play along to my liking.)

1. Hooker Valley Track

An easy 3 hour return walk, reaching the Hooker Glacier Lake, and get up close and personal with Mount Cook, New Zealands largest Mountain.


Mueller Glacier Lake, Mount Cook National Park

Mueller Glacier Lake, at Kea Point, somehow it is even Magical on a Foggy Day.

2. Kea Point

If you want to see some Avalanches, I grantee you, if you stay here long enough, you will probably hear it first and then see it. Its like a rolling thunder. This short walk is only an hour return from the Mount Cook Village.

3. Mueller Hut

One of the most epic hikes I have done in New Zealand. This should be on your list to Hike when in New Zealand. The night sky is so clear and beautiful. I recommend staying the night although it can be done in a day, Mueller Hut in 42 Photos can be found here.


Searly Tarns View, Mount Cook National Park

Over the Hooker Valley, a view that is free on the Searly Tarns and Muller Hut Hike


4. Searly Trans

This “little” Track can be found on the same route as Mueller Hut. Except that is is only a part of the walk. Only a couple thousand stairs later and you have made it to the Picnic Table with probably the best view in Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park.


Tasman Valley, Mount Cook National Park

The Tasman Valley, have you seen my new iPhone cover yet? Pretty Cool eh?


5. Explore the Tasman Valley

The Tasman Valley has a lot of subalpine plants, it does look a little dry. You can easily walk to the Tasman Glacier Lake, take a hike to the Blue Lakes (which are more of a grey due to the rock flour.) or just enjoy the Sunshine, and ponder from afar what may be hidden there.

6. Climb Wakefield

Looking for another Challenge? Climb this Mountain. Start at the Bottom of the Ridge and go all the way up. This is defiantly a day hike. (No this Mountain does not always have snow on top of it … but it looks pretty right?)



Wakefield, with Sir Ed Hilary in Bronze watching over it.


8. Land on the Tasman Glacier

When I first arrived in Mount Cook, I did not think it was possible to do here. The most popular Glacier is the Franz Joseph. Why? I am not sure, because it is not even the biggest. So if you missed you chance at Landing, Standing or Sitting on a Glacier, take your chance in Mount Cook, and stand on-top of New Zealand largest Glacier at 27 km.

—>Still not enough, look into doing the Ball Hut Route in the Tasman Valley, or think about going to Sefton Bivy (from here you can see Mueller Hut). And if you are still bored, the i-site should become your best friend.

As I am now sitting on the Bus to Christchuch, I am getting a few last glimpses, of my home for the last four Month.For me it’s time to say Goodbye Mount Cook and take care of yourself! I believe this could be a Farewell for a long time


Mount Cook and Lake Pukaki

This is a View of Lake Pukaki, in the back you can see Mount Cook, my last View of this Mountain.

So this is me and my Journey,on the Road again. Chasing Autumn in New Zealand ! In all of the Mount Cook there are a whole of about 6 Trees that have turned color. Not a lot if you ask me. Now if I would have know that only about an hour WALK away there was Autumn, I would have gone and chased it a lot earlier, but without a Car you don’t tend to leave the Village that often, but rather explore the Mountains. (for all those on the Northern Hemisphere, I know its wired right I am talking about Autumn and Winter coming up, but the Season are reversed.)

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