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  • Finding Hidden Gems in Kitzbühel

  • ***UPDATED: May 17, 2017*** When you hear Gems what do you think of? These Hidden Gems in Kitzbühel just might surprise you big time. When hearing about; Kitzbühel three words will probably pop into your mind: World Cup Race, Hannenkamm and Rich. If it would not be for those factors Kitzbühe[...]
  • Valparaiso, Chile -  A grafitti covered City!

  • A New Continent, and a whole New world. Exploring Valparaiso, Chile. This city has is covered with colorful house and graffiti everywhere. Some of it quite beautiful and is like Art where the odd few just looks like nothing much. It makes everything look a lot more pleasant and interesting. If yo[...]
  • 15 Garbage Cans in Winter

  • Lets stay on the Topic of Winter for just a little while longer.  In years of travelling, I have not had very many Winter's with Snow. Well maybe that is an exaggeration but really its been 7 years since I started with the whole topic of Garbage Can Photography. This results in the fact that the[...]
  • Colorful Garbage Cans of the World

  • Garbage Cans, are everywhere. They are so "normal" to us and in every day usage, that we probably don't realize how beautiful they can be. This is a collection of some Colorful Garbage Cans, from 7 different Countries. Germany, Australia, Estonia, Netherlands, New Zealand and Sweden.  " Some people[...]