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  • Learning a Lesson on the Overnight Train to Budapest

  • The Reason why we sometimes have to chill down and relax! How “waiting,” thought me a lesson I wish others would take more to heart. Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like, you wanted to do something, felt kind of angry but at the same time knew that you could not really do any[...]
  • 10 things to see and do in the Catlins in New Zealand

  • The Catlins in New Zealand are probably the least explored Area in New Zealand. But if you do get a chance do it. There is this ruggedness and wild feeling of exploring the Catlins in New Zealand. From almost being at the end of the World and being at the most southern point in New Zealand, to se[...]
  • 2017 Halfyear Photography Reflection - Photoparade

  • The half of 2017 is already gone. Just like that. New Years feels like it is just yesterday, but so much as happened at the same time. Sometimes we realize to forget all the things that have happened in-between then and now. It is time for a Half Year Photography Reflection. In short a Photography[...]
36 Impressions of a Coffee Farm in Colombia
  • 36 Impressions of a Coffee Farm in Colombia

  • Visiting a Coffee Farm in Colombia is an absolute Bucketlist item. If you do not get the chance to stay at a Coffee Farm, I'd highly recommend at least going on Tour. While visiting a working Plantation there is a lot you will learn about Coffee that you never knew about before. If you do hav[...]
  • How to stay at a Coffee Farm In Colombia

  • Colombia has the third largest coffee production in the world. A Bucketlist item for Colombia : visit a coffee farm or perhaps even a stay at a coffee farm in Colombia. The beaten track ( or the gringo trail as they would say in South America) leads most travellers to Salento, however there are [...]
  • Easy Pavlova Recipe with Rhubarb or Cherries

  • Are you afraid of beating Eggwhites? Or even making Pavlova? Regardless of if you have heard of Pavlova or not you will fall in LOVE with this super easy Pavlova Recipe, to make all of your guests guessing what this wonderful dessert is made of. Pavlova is a wonderful recipe from New Zealand. T[...]
  • How it all began with Trash Cans & Happy Birthday

  • Happy Birthday to INKAS TOUR! The 8th and the 2nd Birthday to be exact. You might be wondering what why the 8th and the 2nd Birthday? Well because 8 years ago was the Start of this Crazy Trash Can Adventure. On November 16, 2008 I embarked on a Train Journey across Canada with a Quest that would [...]
  • Half Year Photography Reflection - Photoparade

  • Do you Remember exactly where you where in January? What you did in March? Your Answer is probably not. Some Photographs we take ages to Perfect, waiting for that Perfect Shot, while others are captured in the spur of a Moment. Each one of these Categories create a piece of Art and a Memory. It's ti[...]
  • Tranz Alpine Train to Arthurs Pass, NZ

  • One of New Zealands most scenic (Train) Jounrey's, the Tranz Alpine Train. Every Traveller has there own Agenda, what may seam cool and exiting to one is just boring to the other. Some like to Party hard, other like to drink Tea and watch the stars at night. But really what ever we like to do is be[...]