33 Impressions of the Uyuni Salt Flats Tour

Uyuni slat flats tour

Have you heard of the Uyuni Slat Flats? Yes, No, Maybe? Well here are 33 Impressions of the 3 day Uyuni Salt Flats Tour starting from San Pedro de Atacama to Uyuni.

Well let me tell you a little about them, the Uyuni Salt Flats lie in the South West Corner of Bolivia. (Bolivia is in South America). The Salar de Uyuni (Uyuni Salt Flats) are the largest Salt flats with 10,562 square kilometers, and lie an impressive 3,656 m above Sealevel. The Flats where originally formed from prehistoric lakes, and covered by a few meters of Sal Crust. These Crust are also extremly rich in lithium. These Salt Flats contain 40 to 70 % of the worlds lithium reserves. Now I find that a little scary!

But although the MAIN reason to take the Uyuni Salt Flats Tour are these Salt Flats, (me included) I found them to be the most boring part in the end. It may be because of the frequent pictures that you see, it may be because you have heard of it before, but what about the amazing Landscapes that are all a part of these Tours it never seams to be shown. I was truly amazed that there are still parts where pictures have not been prodcasted of yet.

There are a few ways to start this Uyuni Salt Flat Tour, either from San Pedro Atacama, Chile to Uyuni (3 days) or reverse. Tilqara to Uyuni (4 days) or Uyuni return (4 days). Coming from Argentina, and not wanting to miss the Atacama Desert, I choose the first route. As this also was the easiest way to cross the Border from Chile to Bolivia.

On a fine August Morning at 8 am the Uyuni Salt Flat Tour started, the first thing on the Agenda was to get stamped out of Chile. Of course everything went well. Why would there be any trouble? But until the Bolivia Border it would be another Hour. So officially your not in a Country for around 1 hour. It is a little bit of a strange feeling.

Vicounaia cute, Uyuni salt flats tour
These Cute Creatures are Vicuñas they live high in the Andes of Bolivia and are a relative of a Llama.
Uyuni slat flats tour
A little bit of a Run down Building, but this is the Border entering into Bolivia from San Pedro the Atacama.
mount volcano,Uyuni salt flats tour
The Licancabur Volcano is a popular site with San Pedro Atacama. But the Volcano lies on the Border of Chile and Bolivia. Of course it is the one that is Snow covered.
Uyuni salt flats tour
Laguna Verde ( Green Lake ) is a Salt Lake in Bolivia. In the back you see Licancabur Volcano.
Uyuni salt flats tour
Another Photograph of the Laguna Verde.
Uyuni salt flats tour
The Laguna Blanca lies at 4350m altitude. The white color is from the Minerals that are in the Lake.
Uyuni salt flats tour
Perfect Reflection in Laguna Blanca.
Uyuni salt flats tour,
The Laguna Blanca and its surrounding Landscape.
mountain and vicuna,Uyuni salt flats tour
What a wonderful site? Don’t you just want to watch this Vicuña Family forever?
Uyuni salt flats tour
The Landscape in Southwest Bolivia is unreal. From Laguna’s to Desert in a matter of seconds.


These Geothermal Fields known under the name Sol de Mañana (meaning “Morning Sun”) are Often referred to as a Geyser, which is not true. Spread over a large Distance these Geothermal are at an elevation between 4800m and 5000m Altitude. The Major part, including these Mud Lakes lie at an Altitude of 4850m.

Uyuni Salt Flats
The Landscape really blew me away in South West Bolivia. Lets be honest the only thing we know about is the Salt Flats, that are very close.
Uyuni salt flats tour
An Impression of the diversity of Landscape in Bolivia
Uyuni salt flats tour
This may not look like much, but believe it or not this is where we stayed the first night of the trip. At an elevation of 4500m during the Winter month it can get to -15 Degrees. A horrible cold night, as there is not much Insolation in these Houses. Lucky for me it was only -5 Degrees.
Laguna Colarado, just a few meters from last nights Sleeping Spot, it was unreal to see all of these Flamingos living here at an elevation of 4500m. The last place I would expect a Flamingo to live. It is a shallow Salt Lake and home mainly to the James Flamingo.
Laguna Honda, believe it os not some more Flamingos live here.
The James Flamingo, the prettiest in my Eyes. All pink and perfect.
As the Landscape changed again we drove along these Train Tracks heading to Uyuni.
Have you ever wondered how Quinoa grows? This is it, growing at a altitude of 4000m, and only needing the Rain from the Rain season it is a perfect crop for the Andes. Sadly the “health” kick everyone has now increased the price so much that the Andean people can hardly afford it anymore.
And finally on the Last day the reaching of the Uyuni Salt Flats at Sunrise.


The Uyuni Salt Flats a truly impressive Salt. The small hills are the mentod of how the Salt is dried. Meters deep you will find layers of Water and Salt.

Uyuni slat flats tour

The Uyuni Salt Flats Tour is a trip of a once in a life time. It is fascinating to see what a Country has to offer besides the things that are all along the known Tourist Trail. I am extremely glad that I took a three day tour instead of the only one day tour that is also offered which just includes the Uyuni Salt Flats. The only thing that would have been nice (that of course you often only realize later) is that the perfect reflection that is portrait in so many Photgraphs is only visible during the Wet Season (December to February). But we can’t have it all.

Have you been to Bolivia and done the Uyuni Salt Flats Tour? What is your experience?

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