Off to the South Island- NZ Part 4

~ Merry Christmas ~ Frohe Weihnachten ~.

The last Day on the North Island started it was going to be a long drive, from the middle all the way to Wellington, around 5 hours it took. But we where both exited we had just spend some amazing moments on the North Island, and the South was gonna be just as good. At least we were determined to make it just as fun. So once again the adventure began.

DAY 10

National Park Village -> Plimmerton (just outside of Wellington)

Today was the last day on the North Island, as sad as it is leaving it behind I am quite exited for the South Island, I wonder how different it will be. A scenic road down, passing through a river valley that looked like it was it was cut out of the Lord of the Rings. However it was not, sadly. The drive down to Plimmerton was quite uneventful. Mixful weather yet the Hostel we stayed at was breathtaking, Ocean view, sunny, little windy.

The Valley we thought was cut of of the Lord of the Rings, yet it turned out to be a fake.

When the Hostel is right by the ocean, the room with an Ocean View and has electrical blankets, you just gonna play a little on the beach.

The Sunset right from the room, I only looked out side by accident. But I still believe it was worth it.

DAY 11

Plimmerton -> Interisland Ferry -> Marahau Abel Tasman National Park
A day trip. The Highlight of the day was probably the Interisland Ferry from Wellington to Picton, we even saw some Dolphins swim at the heck of the ferry. The first impression of the South Island is that the lush green hills are gone and the dark greens have broken out with a lot of pine needle trees.

Skipping the cities, Wellington was one we didn't spend any time in, the only view I got was this from the Interislander, the ferry connecting the North and South Island.

Apparently the Wellington Harbor is big enough for Cruiseships, I guess only I would notice.

This Lighthouse is one of the first in New Zealand and was very important back in the day, it is the start of the Marlborough Sounds, a Region of the South Island.

Driving of the Ferry we where thrown into Wine Country, it felt like you automatically saw some wealth and a lot of Wine Estates. if you like New Zealand Wine it is a pretty good chance it's coming from this Region.

Even the green changed, it became s little more saturated, s little darker than it was on the North Island..

DAY 12

A beautiful day that started a little clouded. Taking a water taxi to Ancorachge in the Abel Tasman National Park, and seeing some seals. Even a baby seal who was only about a day old. Pretty cool way to start the morning. Through a Rainforest area with view of the golden beaches, a trek with 14km took up the time for 5 hours. That included a lunch break of about an hour. By this time the weather was like being in the Caribbean, matching as the Abel Tasman is called the Caribbean of New Zealand.

At the meeting point, we where told to get into the Boat, and then off it went getting pulled by a tractor on DRY land to the water.

We reached the water, now this is where a Water Taxi is suppose to travel.

One more time, now going at full speed. That was fun.

This is the split Rock, and yes they used it in the Lord of the Rings Movies, but manually edited the Landscape it was in. oh the technology of today.

Seals, can you see them? I mean who has to go out and go on an expensive tour when you can just see them in the wild? There was even a baby, that also looks huge.

The 14km walk started, after getting of the Taxi and trekking up a small hill we come out and saw this view.

And because we are talking about Caribbean, we started walking through some Rainforest.

However it would be complete boring if there wouldn't be anything cool to see, we where rewarded with these amazing views.

The water is always around another corner popping out, look at that color.

Somehow I felt that this walk was enchanted, the forest would just repeat itself, always looking again like this. I wonder if any Faerie's live here.

This makes we just want to dive in and go for a Swim, and even though it was a warm day, I still think it would be a bit cold.

Now if I didn't know any better I would say that this is in the Caribbean, what do you say?

And to prove that I have been there, yes this sign was at the end of the Track.

That concludes another set of Days filled with adventure, the 14 km felt like a Holiday after the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, and turned out to be a nice little walk on a beautiful day. We really have had only luck with the weather so far.
But for now enjoy your Holidays!

P.S. Liebe Omi (und Petra),ein kleiner Vogel hat mir gezwitschert; dasihr trotz der Sprach Barriere fleißig mit liest, bzw. Rätsel. Ich finde es schön das ihr euch die Sprache nicht zum Hindernis macht. Alles Liebe und Frohe Weihnachten!

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