The Art of Traveling with Technology!

Traveling with Technology
What does Traveling mean to me?
Have you ever aske yourself this question?
Why you want to go out and see the World?
Do we need Technology to Travel?

Definition of Traveling : “to go from one place to another by car, train, plane or ship; to take a trip or a Journey “

Well let me tell you a little about what it means to me, and I will also tell you why I have been absence for a good month.

Traveling is a lifestyle.
A way to embrace and throw yourself right in the middle of a forgein country and culture. (Of course always with common sence, and a head tightly screwed on; avoiding those unwanted situations.)

As you probably already know I have been living out of a Backpack since 2009. It was the first time I embarked on a Journey and left the comfort zone of home and all those familiar places. If you want to know more check out my About Me Page. Looking back I could not imagine my life without the travling aspect.

I may not have always been easy, but what is? It has become a permanent substance in my life. I am not a digital Nomad (currently not even earning money with this page), but over the Years have have still be able to embrace the Art of slow travel. However it has been a subconcious descision that I have made.

To me Traveling is about sitting somewhere and watching the Hustle & Bustle going on around you.
Or sitting in a cute Cafe and documenting all the strange and odd things happening around. Watching people has become a hobby and embracing the new culture with open arms into out hearts.

But is that even possible in the modern day? I feel like Technology had changed the art or travel so much. What is Traveling with Technology really like? Would I have been asked a month ago I probalby would have had no different opinion. When you walk into a Cafe, half the people are problaby on either on their phones or computers, searching the internet or working on something else. A month ago my mindset changed, as someone sadly stole my Camera and iPad.

Traveling with Technology“Technology is so much fun, but we can drown in our own Technology Fog of informtion, and it can drive out Knowledge” – Daniel Boorstin

Of course I had a cry and was quite devistated. However life goes on, eventually. The only thing that made up for this whole dilemma was the fact that I did not loose any of my really important things such as my Passport and Cards. Don’t even want to start imagining, getting all those back! The items that where taken where “technically” only materialistic, even those most of my New Zealand pictures where on that exact Camera. The memories of all the amazing plces that I have been no one will be able to take way from me, and therefor stay with me. So this was written out the old fashion way by hand, (and it actually already hurt my hand by this time.) Before I got a change to digitalize it.

Now you are probalby asking where am I going with this? As much as I love technology and the benefits that come with it, especially because it so easy keeping in touch with the loved once at home. Sometimes we fail to see the beauty around us. We fail to see the and be able to embrace the culture as fully as me may have once. Over the years before Inkas Tour I have Loved the fact of my old fashion Journals that I have keept. And even from a coule of years ago tey are such a thrill to read. And there filled with tickets and scraps from along the Journey. I have only got about ten from seven years. I am also very exited that I got a new Journal to fill with Memories from two of the most amazing Colleagues at Mount Cook. They definitely knew what I would like! But is this possible while traveling with technology and the constant need to be online?
Traveling with Technology
So although this loss of property not only has lightend my load but it gave me the view again that travelliing should be more. Why not mae the best of a place and enjoy the uniquue place around, places where we wont get distracted by the internet.
So what have I learned from this experience, well this was the hard and expensive way for me to learn and a remember to enjoy the little things in liife, as they will become the BIG things that we remember.

Over the last month I have had a lot of ups and downs, with this whole scenario. I have thought about buying a new Computer or an iPad. I have tried about getting my Macbook sent out to me from home. However who knew that a Laptop was classified as Hazerdous Goods, as it contans a Lithium Battery. Its so odd, at least 60% of all people today travel with Laptop on planes. Yet it is not allowed to be sent by Mail, when it is even on the declarations.

A Month later, I am traveling ultra light on the technology side, I have my phone and a Bluuetooth Keyboard (that was even on Sale at the time), it allows me too type more freely and easier. A week was fine without anything, but even I can’t live without it completely. On top of that I have invested in a compact Camera, with Wifi function and Manual setting allowing myself the freedom I want in a Camera.

Currently I am still in New Zealand, however these adventures are about to come to an end, and a New Continent is about too get explored. I am SUPER excited. Stay tuned for more adventures as Inka Tour embarks on new Adventures.

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