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  • Coffee Time : Turning 30, and how to deal with it!

  • Turning 30 is a big deal. Or is it? Initially it is just an age, but it is somewhat of a milestone. We will ask yourself Questions, like what have I have accomplished the last ten years?¬† Am I in the place I wanted to be? And most of all am I happy with what I have accomplished? Turni[...]
Love and War 4.5 Reasons about Blogging
  • Love and War 4.5 Reasons about Blogging

  •   We often see the New Year as a new start. And in a sense it is exactly that. But how many of the New Years Resolutions have we made and that fall completely through. Probably at least 90% of the time our intentions are thrown over board within the first Month. It is always love and war. [...]
  • Photography Reflection of 2015's 2nd Half - Photoparade

  • 2015 has come to an end, it is has been one hell of a Year, especially the second half of 2015 was just amazing. I know about you but sometimes we looking back and so much happened in a couple of Month. A Photodiary - another Photography Reflection - is the best solution to fix it all. In only 6 m[...]
Leaving your Comfort Zone - Traveling in South America
  • Leaving your Comfort Zone - Traveling in South America

  • When was the last time you left your Comfort Zone? Tried something wild crazy and maybe absolute absurd? Or something that was new to you? Exactly that is the topic of a Blogparade, that is currently being hosted by Steffi (a german blogger) In her Blog name she alrea[...]
  • Photograph Diary - Iguazu Falls and a stop in Paraguay

  • Each Week when Travelling so much happens that it really is hard sometimes to keep track of all the Different places and impressions. Now I have decided that I will choose FOUR¬†Photographs every Week. A Photograph Diary so to say, and of course an update on what and where Inkas Tour have been up to [...]
  • 5 Bucket list items in New Zealand & Goodbye!

  • Do you have a Bucket List? If you don't then its high time that you start. It really does not have to be long but, I can guarantee you, it will become longer as you add over to the years. Some times will probably be funny items, some a little more serious! These are 5 Bucketlist items in New Zea[...]
  • The Art of Traveling with Technology!

  • What does Traveling mean to me? Have you ever aske yourself this question? Why you want to go out and see the World? Do we need Technology to Travel? Definition of Traveling : "to go from one place to another by car, train, plane or ship; to take a trip or a Journey " Well let me tell you a l[...]
  • 10 Inspirational Life Quotes

  • At certain points in life we need some inspiration. We need some Courage. Maybe these 10 Inspirational Life Quotes will help you with that. And sometimes we need some Faith. All of those factors are a part of beliving in yourself and your Strength. As you grow older you won't see things are easy goi[...]
The Bucket List of Inka
  • The Bucket List of Inka

  • This is an OLD Version of the Bucket List, this way to the UPDATED VERSION! "All Dreams come true, if you have the courage to pursue them. "   A list of Goals, we all have one in our head, however it does help writing them down. Having them in one place will give you a better overview, of [...]
  • Off to New Zealand / Ab nach Neu Zealand

  • Planning a trip is never easy, but the hardest part, is actually doing it. Throughout the planning there will be a lot of bumps along the road. Originally at this point I had wanted to sit in a plane on the way to South America, but then one of those Bumps happened. Now it's OFF TO NEW ZEALAND! [...]
The Tour Beginning / Anfang
  • The Tour Beginning / Anfang

  • Six years ago I took the chance and started travelling the World. Me and my Trusty Backpack have seen a lot since. You can also do this. January 2008 I left the comfort of Home and never regretting a single moment, really that was the Tour Beginning. I left 4 boxes in the attic of my Moms, sold[...]