Japanese Cheesecake – December 15


December 15

After a stop in the Philipeans yesterday we are flying to Japan today. To be exact we are going to be tasting some Japanese Cheesecake. Not what does Japanese Cheesecake and Christmas have in common, well our Host of the Day Nicole is going to tell us exactly how those two things work together. Are you excited because I am! But most of all I am excited about to learn how a Japanese Cheesecake is different or the same compared to other countries.

Let’s meet Nicole:

Christmas Cookie Recipes Christmas Advents Calender Customs and Traditions Inkas Tour Travelblog Baking Blog Food around the World Japanese CheesecakeThis home cook is a busy Mom of two young girls and a proud Army wife. She currently lives in San Antonio, TX  and enjoys hosting parties, cooking at home with her kids, and traveling. Nicole holds a degree in theater and previously worked in the restaurant business and marketing. She loves cooking family friendly comfort food and sharing her recipes and reviews on her blog. One day soon she plans on opening a food truck and writing her first cookbook.

What makes Christmas special to Nicole?

What makes Christmas special to you: Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. I love everything about the holiday from the music, to the festivals, to the food, and of course, the joyful and giving spirit to the season!

Japanese Cheesecake
by Nicole

Photo Credit : www.fortheloveoffoodblog.com


Get the Recipe for the Japanese Cheesecake here.

What do you think of this Japanese Cheesecake? Is it something you would try?


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